10 fantasy book series for FINAL FANTASY fans


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Gamers know that storytelling is of the utmost importance in Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs), but alas, we can’t play games everything time. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 10 fantastic book series for Final Fantasy fans: so you can enjoy a fantastic narrative while giving your eyes a well-deserved break.

Final Fantasy has been the premier JRPG franchise in the past 35 years, since Square’s release of Final Fantasy on the NES in 1987. The award-winning franchise now spans dozens of mainline series titles, spin-offs, and re-releases spanning over a dozen gaming platforms. over 168 million units soldit is nothing less than a global phenomenon.

Although each title is different from the last, there are a few elements that are integral to everything. Final Fantasy Game. Heroes you want to root for, villains you love to hate, scenes that stick with you long after you’re done – if that makes for an engaging fantasy book, you can find it in Final Fantasy. That remains true whether the game leans toward sci-fi, steampunk, urban fantasy, or high fantasy – all genres the series has tackled in the past.

Keep scrolling to discover 10 amazing fantasy book series perfect for Final Fantasy Fans.

10 fantastic book series for Final Fantasy Fans

Book cover of The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold

Five Gods World by Lois McMaster Bujold

Three religions – an indigenous faith, a powerful church with five deities, and a heretical sect that worships only four of these gods – vie for legitimacy and power amid legal intrigue and international politics. Winner of the 2018 Hugo Award for Best Series, this 14-book saga is perfect for those who enjoy JRPGs with religious themes – such as Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII — and installments can be played in any order.

Book cover of The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt

Jackelian World by Stephen Hunt

In this steampunk fantasy series, two orphans – one the target of a killer, the other cursed and accused of crimes he didn’t commit – must band together to survive when their friends and loved ones are murdered. . Joined by a sympathetic law enforcement officer, the teenagers outwit and outrun their pursuers through a harsh world of magic and chaos. Fans of steampunk-inspired JRPGs, such as Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IXwould do well to stop there first.

The Broken Earth Trilogy Box Set by NK Jemisin

The Broken Earth Trilogy by NK Jemisin

The Stillness is rife with the fifth season: seismic calamities that turn mundane creatures into monsters and turn the continent into a post-apocalyptic danger zone. When her husband kills their son and kidnaps their daughter, Essun—an orogen, whose ability to control seismic activity marks him for servitude or government-sanctioned death—follows him on his quest for revenge. With adjoining cli-fi themes and musings on what makes a person human, this Hugo and Nebula award-winning fantasy series is perfect for Final Fantasy Fans.

Book cover of The Poppy War by RF Kuang

The poppy war by RF Kuang

In a country still under reconstruction after wars against a nation that once occupied its lands, a young orphan discovers that she has a latent aptitude for a rare and powerful form of magic. As war looms on the horizon, Rin may be the only person capable of saving Nikan – but at what cost? Based largely on recent Chinese history, this trilogy will appeal to gamers who enjoy the Final Fantasy the series’ most massive military conflicts and darkest protagonists.

The Green Bone Saga Trilogy by Fonda Lee

The Green Bones Saga by Fonda Lee

In this World Fantasy Award-winning series, Kekon, an island nation that is the world’s only producer of powerful, magical jade, erupts in civil war when two crime families take their rivalry to the streets. But trouble is also brewing within the Kaul family, who find themselves on shifting ground when trust in their crime boss falters. If you liked Final Fantasy Tactics or the inner workings of Shinra in Final Fantasy VIIyou will fall madly in love with the Green Bone saga.

Cover of The Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

The Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

If Midgardsormr and the other dragons are your favorite part of Final Fantasy XIV, you must resume this long series. With two dozen novels and counting, it’s safe to say that Anne McCaffrey’s Chronicles of Pern is enduring. The original trilogy, contained here in a single volume, is an excellent introduction to these delicious adventures. Here, telepathic humans living on a colonized exoplanet form lifelong bonds with the world’s endemic dragons. In the past, dragon riders protected Pern from the death thread that rained down on the land, but the number of dragons has dwindled, which can cause problems for all life on Pern.

The Old Kingdom Collection by Garth Nix

The Old Kingdom by Garth Nix

With six entries in the main series as of 2021, Garth Nix’s Ancient Kingdom begins with Sabriel. The story of a young student who must traverse a dangerous landscape to find her missing father, Sabriel follows its eponymous heroine to the Old Kingdom, where magic is still potent and the dead roam the land. There she wields the sword of her necromancer father and Bells in her quest to find out what happened to dear old dad. With broad similarities to Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy Xthere’s a lot to like here for JRPG fans.

Temeraire Box Set by Naomi Novik

Reckless by Naomi Novik

Another long series of fantasy books Final Fantasy fans will appreciate, Naomi Novik’s Temeraire reinvents the Napoleonic wars… with dragons. When an English captain unwittingly bonds with a newborn taken from a French ship, the man and the dragon are taken away for training in the air corps. Thus begins an adventure that will take this dynamic duo around the world and vice versa. Fans of urban fantasy JRPGs, such as Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy Type-0will love this series.

Cover of the book Song of Blood and Stone by L. Penelope

Landsong Chronicles by L. Penelope

Magical elected officials trained in international politics? looks like a Final Fantasy story for me. When the magical veil separating Lagrimar from Elsira loses some of its power, the two nations find themselves on the brink of war – a war that only Lagrimar, the aggressor, knows is imminent. After a chance encounter with a Lagrimari outfit, Jasminda, a magically gifted outcast of Elsiran, realizes she may be the only person capable of stopping the onslaught.

Shades of Magic Set by VE Schwab

shades of magic by VE Schwab

Connected only by the city they share, four very different Londons – white, black, red and gray – collide in this fantastical trilogy. After accidentally smuggling a dangerous artifact from the wreckage of Black London, the magician Kell flees to the totally mundane world of Gray London, where he is promptly assaulted by an arrogant pirate named Lila. Magical shenanigans ensue… but you’ve figured that out already, haven’t you?

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