10 RPG Games With Great Quest Systems (Excluding Final Fantasy)

RPGs have many interesting mechanics that keep players interested in the game, while allowing them to use other skills. The quest system is a fun mechanic used in many games.

Final Fantasy is well known for using this system because its players have a clean slate and are able to become proficient in their craft, in order to come up with new ideas on their own. Many other RPGs have taken inspiration from this system or created their own professions, which makes the games very enjoyable.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

From the franchise’s out-of-the-box mechanics to an all-time real-time RPG, Yakuza: Like A Dragon received positive reviews from its players in the first film of 2020. Players take on the role of Ichiban Kasuga , who tried to become a hero after his prison sentence got a total of eighteen years later, but he can’t do it alone.

If he wants to succeed, Ichiban should seek help from others. The team can choose between the position of homelessness and the questionable job of the queen of the night.

lost odyssey

It is recommended to try Last Odyssey, a game with a relatively complex mission system. Players have two different types of mortals and immortals. Marriages do not have the ability to gain skills because they are tied to those who do.

They can learn skills by hiring mortals. However, when a player only has a few skill slots, they will only be able to use a few of those skills at a time if they can expand with items.

Fire lock: Three houses.

Although many Fire Emblem students have their own class, power of seals, and exam exam, all characters can be changed to suit the needs of the team.

Some units have unique roles that cannot be filled by other characters, while others are retrained in whatever the player desires, as long as they have the appropriate stats for the character. It also means that the characters acquire certain skills which can then be used for another role.

Crystal Project

Exploring the non-linear world of Crystal Project gives players the freedom to choose adventures and allows them to create a series of pixelated mini-heroes that match their playstyle. Between tactical battles, players move through the world and come across crystals that unlock new classes for the player.

You can create unique teams by combining their main classes with interesting subclasses and a wide range of passive skills to join their character.

Code Vein

Code Vein doesn’t have the typical Final Fantasy quest system, but that doesn’t stop it from implementing some unusual skills that have some similarities to classic quest mechanics.

As the story progresses, a character can start the game with three Blood Codes. They consist of the regular fighters, casters, and rangers, and as the story approaches, players should unlock new ones. Under these blood codes, players can quickly switch between them to change the course of their war and try out different weapons and armor armor.

Dragon Quest 9: Starry Sky Sentinels of Firewish Stars.

Dragon Quest is a huge genre of RPG that gamers have rated as highly as Final Fantasy, and it has its own way of providing the quest systems for those building up their party of heroes.

In the very special Dragon Quest nine, players can create their main character, but also each member of their party, from appearance to profession. As you progress, you can open new tasks and change party members in place.

The fantastic life

Players must choose between twelve available lives. Some of them involve combat, like a mercenary or a mage, and others will struggle working as a cook or a miner.

As such, life should be freely swapped between story missions to better develop your skills and even upgrade your gear. For example, if they play better as a paladin, the player must need life as a blacksmith, as well as better armor, but must first be a miner so the resources can run out.

Three and two sides are final.

Being limited to one class can get boring, so Bravely Second draws inspiration from various professions, giving four-character games the ability to develop multiple professions. There are over twenty professions in the game that can be traded, and players will want to test themselves to see which works best.

Many jobs can only be unlocked by defeating certain bosses and using a special asterisk to find work. Some professions only have the same skills that players earn by defeating their enemies.

Golden Earth: A dark, dark sea.

In the same vein as classic RPGs, Golden Sun is another game that doesn’t depend on a set class for its characters. This gives players the freedom to develop their skills through various professions, which they can freely swap in a team of eight characters.

The third game in the Golden Sun franchise, Dark Dawn draws inspiration from final fantasy and all older games along with classic classes that are not only redesigned for the new game, but also new classes with two elements.

octopath traveler

One of the best professions in the gaming industry is playing Octopath Traveler. There aren’t as many careers as some other RPGs, but that doesn’t help you get around.

At the start of the game, players are given eight beginner classes and four more advanced classes which can be unlocked later. While the character can change their professions from one to two or three, they can also acquire secondary skills from those available. They can use the weapons and skills of this profession, allowing interesting combinations of professions.

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