5 fantastic game monsters that would make great pets


Fantasy video games are full of weird and wonderful monsters, from terrifying bosses to curious mascots. With so many different creatures to choose from, it’s perhaps no surprise that some of them were chosen to accompany the human heroes in their games. What is surprising is that some of these monsters would also be real pets in the real world. With that in mind, it’s time to get closer like five such fantastic friends.

These creatures come in all shapes and sizes, from spirits summoned from Final fantasy to the demonic creatures of Shin megami tensei. Wherever they come from, however, each member of this cutie quintet is united by the abilities, personalities, and overall fluff that would make them the best pets a hero could ask for.

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Carbuncle (Final Fantasy)

final fantasy xv

While some would say moogles or chocobos are the best Final fantasy reps, there is something about little Carbuncle that makes them more apt to be pets. First, their small size makes them more maneuverable than the iconic yellow birds. Second, as cute as the moogles are, there is too much variation in what they are capable of. Some continuities describe them as cute animals, but sometimes their morals and intelligence can be just as varied as humans. As such, owning one could pose a number of ethical issues.

Carbuncle, on the other hand, is more consistently a useful animal pixie whose defensive powers would make them effective in protecting their owners. This makes it by far the best choice for a pet in the Final fantasy multiverse.

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Pegasus (Fire Emblem)

fire emblem

The only thing cuter than a pony is a flying pony, which is probably why Fire emblemThe Pegasus Knights are such popular units. They aren’t limited to being mounts of flying cavalry, however, as the series also shows pegasi to be intelligent, loyal, and empathetic creatures who form lifelong bonds with their human companions. These qualities would be especially helpful around children, as a pegasus’s ability to read emotions could help pull frightened children out of their shells.

That being said, they would be a difficult pet to care for. Caring for horses is a demanding task in the real world, and there’s no reason to think pegasi would be any different. Furthermore, Fire emblem tradition generally describes them as being nervous around men and as such they literally wouldn’t be a pet for everyone.

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Cheagle (Tales of the Abyss)

tales from the abyss

Tales from the Abyss is an excellent RPG, and its mascots are equally creative. While they aren’t the most recognizable fantasy creatures, the Cheagles make up for that with their loyalty and creativity. They are able to use magical wizard rings to talk to humans, smash obstacles, and even help their partners fly for a short time. Combine that with their natural fiery breath, perfect for camping and roasting marshmallows, and you’ve got a perfect partner to go on an adventure with.

The Cheagles are also incredibly devoted to their friends and will support them even in the face of overwhelming obstacles. This was best shown by Mieu, the cheagle companion of Abyss‘the hero Luke, who stayed with his friend on a whole world rescue adventure and never backed down, no matter how tall the bosses are. As the old saying goes, sometimes the best things really come in small packages.

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Audino (Pokémon)


Pokemon is full of wonderful creatures that would make great human partners, but an Audino might be the best way to complete a family unit. Their pink and peaceful appearance is one of the cutest in the entire franchise, and their kind and gentle natures would make them easy to bond with anyone from scared kids to single adults. Not only that, but their abundance of healing and recovery movements would make excellent caregivers. It would allow them to do anything, fix cuts caused by rough play, or take care of people’s mental well-being.

Despite a lack of human speech, Audino is smart enough to help with complex medical practices. It involves an intelligence that would make them not only worthy caregivers, but longtime friends and even work partners. Add that to a surprisingly large ability set and a rather impressive mega evolution, and it’s clear Audino would make some incredibly special companions.

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Cerberus (Shin Megami Tensei and Persona)

It may seem strange to call the original hellhound an ideal pet, but in the world of Shin megami tensei and Character, Cerberus is the only monster that can really have it all. He’s smart and able to talk, he’s a loyal friend enough to support his partners for decades and, if that wasn’t enough, the demonic amalgamation of his home franchises makes him capable of everything from healing to protection. going through the fire.

On top of that, Atlus’ RPGs generally portray Cerberus as both tall enough for kids to ride and having an incredibly fluffy mane that looks perfect for snuggling up to. While his demonic nature may make him difficult to train, his portrayal throughout the series as a staunch and capable ally of those he loves means it would be worth it. When it comes to the perfect fantasy pets, Cerberus just might be the leader of the pack.

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