5 things you didn’t know about tonight’s fantasy movie on tv

Among 2000s they or they 1910s fantasy had one of its golden moments with the gods young adult tremendous hits that have won not only teenage audiences but also a place of honor in pop culture. After “Harry potter“,”dusk“,”Hunger games” And “Divergent“, In the 2016 in the rooms comes “Fallen», A kind of cinematic dark fantasy with a romantic touch.

The subject is taken from the first volume of the homonymous saga written by Lauren Kate who, speaking of his visit to the set, recalled:

It’s a the dream becomes reality. It exceeded all of my expectations. See the actors play the characters so faithfully … […]: it’s a special experience to be here. I prepared as much as I could, but I still wasn’t at all prepared for what it would be like to see this whole world come to life. “

The author was certainly not prepared for the success her story would have at the box office. Against an economic investment of 40 million dollars, the film collected 41 million. However, despite these premises, in an era dominated by young adult, this movie would have been meant to slip into the background products, along with other interesting stories such as “The donor” Where “Beautiful creatures“.

5 things you didn’t know about “Fallen”

Prepare to watch the movie by Scott hicks tonight at 21.10 on La5, we offer you below 5 curiosities behind the scenes.

1. Missed actors

To interpret the two protagonists of the film we find Addison timlin (who is 25 years old, against 17 for the character) e Jeremy irvine, but in the role of Luce and Dabiele we could have found respectively Lucy hale And Liam hemsworth.

2. The rejection of Jeremy Irvin

Irvin, already known for his participation in “Battle horse“By Steven Spielberg, got the part after Gary Ross contacted him for the role of Peeta in”Hunger games“. Then the actor refused to devote himself to other projects.

3. An Oscar-winning director

The professional behind the camera of “Fallen“Is anything but a novice. Scott Hicks is indeed one of the few directors to have received the honor of being nominated for an Oscar. He notably obtained the nomination for the Oscars 1996 for “Sparkle“.

4. Hungary in the background

The shooting of the film was shot in the city of Budapest.

5. Rights acquired before the publication of the book

The producers of the film bought the transposition rights film of the story of Lauren Kate even before the publication of the book. They immediately liked the novel, not least because it was exactly what they were looking for: a story with teenage protagonists moving against a gothic background.

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