6 Best Upcoming YA Fantasy Book Series Adaptations


Young adult fantasy novels have long fascinated young and old alike, so much so that publishers and booksellers have had to create a category called New Adult fantasy for slightly spicier reads. But these books have the same things in common that make them hard to write for readers of all ages: strong female heroines, motley bands of misfits who save the kingdom, brooding anti-heroes, magical creatures and worlds mystics. Not to mention enough fairies, vampires, wizards and winged males to bite a stick.

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What really excites fantasy readers is when the characters and worlds represented entirely in their heads become flesh on screen. Is it exactly as you imagined, or would you expect something different? On the heels of Netflix shadow and boneAmazonPrime The wheel of timeand HBO Its dark materials comes a slew of new YA fantasy book adaptations currently in the works.


vampire academy

Richelle MeadThe six-book series from is set to become a TV show at Peacock the first season is expected to release in late 2022. vampire academy follows the lives of dhampir (meaning half-human, half-vampire) Rose Hathaway and her best friend, Moroi Princess Lissa Dragomir. The Moroi, who are a peaceful race of vampires, are constantly threatened by the Strigoi, the bloodthirsty and murderous kind. Under the guidance of handsome Dimitri Belikov, Rose trains to become Lissa’s tutor, her skills being put to the test before she even graduates.

Vampire-obsessed fans will recognize the showrunner Julie Plec from another bloodsucking show–The Vampire Diaries. Although the series are unrelated (RST is based on the novels of LJ Smith), it’s safe to say that Plec knows what she’s doing when it comes to teen-vamp drama. Plec will be accompanied in her role by Marguerite MacIntyrebest known for RST fans as Sheriff Forbes. Fans are hoping to see a much improved adaptation of the vampire academy The series after the 2014 film adaptation was disappointed. The main cast has been put together with Sisi Stringer play the role of Rose, Daniela Nieves like Lissa, and Kieron Moore like Dmitri.

A court of thorns and roses

YA fantasy romance powerhouse Sarah J Maas is about to bring him A court of thorns and roses series on screen. The story follows the human huntress Feyre who accidentally kills a shifter fae while hunting to feed her family. Feyre is subject to the wrath of Tamlin, High Lord of the Court of Spring, and must accompany him to atone for his crime. But once she enters the fairy world, her life changes irrevocably. Enter Rhysand, High Lord of the Court of Night and Tamlin’s number one enemy. Which side will Feyre choose?

News that the five-book series would be adapted for television was leaked by the author’s husband via Instagram. He posted a seemingly innocent photo of a sandwich, but eagle-eyed fans spotted a notebook in the background that read “ACOTAR TV Adaptation Notes.” Oops! The next day, Meuse officially shared the news, telling fans she would be working with Ronald D. Moorethe creator of Foreign, to adapt the series. The project is currently still in development, but fans are hoping to see their favorite fae on Hulu during 2023.

Children of Blood and Bones

Tomi AdeyemiThe tale inspired by West African mythology is heading to the big screen. Children of Blood and Bones takes place in Orisha, a land once rich in magic until a vengeful king kills all the maji. Zelie’s mother was one of those maji, and now she wants revenge. With the help of the rogue princess Amari, Zelie harnesses her powers to bring down the oppressive kingdom and restore magic to the land. She must face Crown Prince Inan with her head and her heart.

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In 2022,Paramount Pictures managed to secure the film rights for the two-book series lucasfilmwho had let them down. Adeyemi has signed on as writer and executive producer and also announced that the third book in the series will be released in 2023. Could fans get a Children Of Blood And Bone movie trilogy?

red queen

Victoria AvenueThe four-book series is currently in development for television at Peacock. Red Queen takes place in a world where the color of your blood reflects your status. Red Bloods are the common people, while Silver Bloods are the elite who are imbued with supernatural powers. Mare Barrow’s blood may be red but she has the power of silver. Once inside the Silvers’ sanctuary, Mare uses her position to help guard Scarlett, bringing down the empire from within.

Elizabeth Banks jumped on the project as a producer alongside Max Handelman, and it is rumored that he would also star in the series. Aveyard will co-write the adaptation with Arrowwriter Beth Schwartz. She broke the news of the adaptation via Instagram in May 2021, so hopefully fans don’t have to wait too long.

Ninth House

Following the success of shadow and boneauthor Leigh Bardugo brings another of his series to the screen. Ninth House is unique because it is an urban fantasy story for young adults, set in New Haven, Connecticut. It follows the story of Alex Stern as he goes through a series of dark and dangerous events before ending up at Yale. Tasked by Lethe House to oversee Yale’s secret magical societies, Alex must tap into dark magic to get the job done. There are also ghosts and demons.

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In 2021, Bardugo announced via Instagram that Amazon Studios would adapt the two-book series for television. In June 2021, she let fans know she would be taking a break from social media to work on the adaptation, serving as a writer and executive producer. Whether shadow and bone is something to go on, fans are in for a treat.

beasts of prey

A few days after the release of his first book in 2021, Ayana Gray announced a film adaptation. The tale inspired by East African mythology follows the story of Koffi, home to a secret power just waiting to be unleashed, and Ekon, who must prove himself an elite warrior. Koffi and Ekon enter the Great Jungle in search of the vicious monster Shetani, who kills anyone who dares to enter. They intend to achieve their goals by killing the monster, but they have to work together.

beasts of prey will be adapted into a film by netflix. SVUwriter Melody Cooper will work on the adaptation alongside Gray, who has been busy writing the second book in the series. beasts of ruin will be released in July 2022, with the first installment hopefully hitting screens soon after.

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