Barry’s wife releases supernatural fantasy book on Amazon


A BARRY woman has published her first book – the first part of a fantastic new series.

Lynnmarie Jones-Windridge – who writes as LJ Windridge – of Barry, self-published her first novel: Red Wolf: Volume 1 of the Echo series.

The Supernatural Fantasy, aimed at teens and young adults, is the first in a series that will include at least five books, plus side stories from other characters’ perspectives.

“The world of Faelosergon [featured in the book] was built by myself and my brother, Daryl, through games we often played at home as kids,” said Ms Windridge, 23.

The two shared a love for writing stories, building and working on stories with different characters and worlds.

red wolf includes their original story, mixed with some of Mrs. Jones-Windridge’s life experiences.

“Ultimately, the book was inspired by people who like to stick their heads in books to escape the real world,” she said.

“Books have helped me through some very difficult times growing up and I would like red wolf do the same for other teenagers and young adults going through similar situations.

red wolf tells the story of 14-year-old Red Lake, who wakes up in the middle of Shadow Forest with no memory of the past two years.

Returning to her adoptive family, she discovers new powers growing within her – but she doesn’t know why or how to keep them in check.

The longer Red takes to find the origins of her erratic magic, the more she worries about the dangerous implications it could have on her loved ones. Will Red Lake discover who she is and tame her powers or will she arrive too late?

The first novel is self-published on Amazon and available on Kindle or as a paperback or hardcover.

People can keep up to date with LJ Windridge and his works through his social media:

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