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BEMIDJI – The children of Corinda Edevold finally discover what is on the other side of the fence.

Well, sort of.

Edevold’s recently published book, titled “The Other Side of the Fence: Ana and the Lilys,” is a mid-level fantasy that takes the reader into a strange new world. The Bemidji mother of five said it was the first of three books in a series inspired by her three daughters.

“We actually have a fence in our woods,” Edevold said, “and they asked when they were younger if they could walk through the fence. We told them no because it was not our property. You could just see their little faces, and I remember looking at them and wondering what they were imagining. So that was my inspiration for this book.

It can be purchased on Amazon or at Sunrise Natural Foods & Crafts in Bemidji. Sarah Peterson, co-owner of Sunrise and local artist, created the cover for the 143-page book.

Corinda Edevold’s recently published book, “The Other Side of the Fence: Ana and the Lilys”, can be purchased on Amazon or at Sunrise Natural Foods & Crafts in Bemidji. Work submitted.


Corinda (Riggs) Edevold grew up near Itasca National Park, 30 miles from the nearest town. She graduated from Bagley High School and Bemidji State University. She worked at First National Bank Bemidji, Sanford Health and Bank Forward. Last year, with her youngest child entering kindergarten and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Edevold accepted a remote position with FM Home Loans, a Brooklyn, NY-based company working from her home in the country northwest of Bemidji, Edevold is a loan processor working with his team on mortgages in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“A person can do almost anything from home now,” she said. “It was fantastic. They sent all my gear home, and all I need is a good internet connection. Thanks to Paul Bunyan Communications, we have a wonderful connection in this area.

While she was busy with a full-time job and an active family, Corinda wasn’t sure if her dream of writing a book was achievable. But her husband Scott encouraged her to complete the project which started a few years ago.

“I’ve always wanted to write books,” she said. “I’ve always had ideas and I’ve always loved to read. Our children love to read. My husband said, “We’re not getting any younger and you’re not going to be any less busy, so I think you should start.”

The story follows Ana, the middle of three sisters, through her adventures after the girls decide to cross the forbidden fence. The sisters separate and go on an adventure.

“This book follows Ana through her adventure,” Edevold said, “and then I envision the next two following the other sisters, Lizzie and Becca. They’re with different people, different characters in the book. They’ll live so very different adventures.

She said her daughters, McKenzie, Audrey and Emma, ​​enjoyed sharing the book with their friends.

“When the girls got a little older a few years ago, they started asking me for recommendations on books to read,” Corinda said. “I thought I could turn this into a story they would enjoy. So I went with that idea.”

Peterson, who met Edevold when they both worked at First National Bank, was impressed when she read a draft of the book.

031321.N.BP.EDEVOLD Sarah Peterson.jpg

Bemidji artist Sarah Peterson created the cover for Corinda Edevold’s book. Photo submitted.

“I picked up this book and read it in I think it was two days,” Peterson said. “I thought it was wonderful, just kind of a fantastic escape. Its imagery was right there. I had in mind what it looked like, so that’s what I painted.

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