Billie Eilish Walks In “Male Fantasy” Music Video

billie-eilish-male-fantasy – Credit: Youtube

In the new video for “Male Fantasy”, Billie Eilish goes through the movements on its own. She moves from room to room, in and out of the refrigerator, back and forth to different sides of the bed in a dark manner. Its wandering movements in tandem with the melodic progression of the song, filling an entire day inside with nothingness and lingering melancholy.

Eilish directed and edited the video for the folky Happier than ever To cut.

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“And that’s all I think about when I’m behind the wheel / I worry that’s how I’m always going to feel / But nothing lasts, I know the deal”, she sings, s ‘settling into uncomfortable realization. “Male Fantasy” is premised on the unrealistic standards set by pornography and the unease that persists around the subject despite its prevalence.

“It was hard to write because we wanted it to be as revealing as possible. It’s hard to be vulnerable, honest, and open about my life right now. I find it much easier to write about my past and how I felt and find a new perspective on something that happened to me, to get myself out of a situation, ”Eilish said. username of the song earlier this year. “Usually I don’t write about what I’m going through right now because it’s hard to deal with. So it was also about saying what I felt. It was difficult and satisfying, revealing and revealing, and also incredibly cathartic. “


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