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Publishing a book is an accomplishment in itself, but publishing a book at the age of sixteen is a huge accomplishment.

STARBORN: Singleton resident Evedyn Byrne released the premiere of a four-series fantasy saga after the idea came to her almost three years ago. Image provided.

Budding author Evedyn Byrne composed, published and published her very first fantasy fiction novel titled Starborn; The Rorrim Quartet begins, after the vision of the coming-of-age story flashed in his mind nearly three years ago.

Miss Byrne considers herself a dedicated bookworm and has been a reading enthusiast since learning to read around the age of eleven after having to cross obstacles on the road.

“I struggled to read growing up, but my mom was not impressed by it,” Miss Byrne said.

“Mom would often write her own short stories and read them to my sister and me, which I found very inspiring.”

Miss Byrne admits that much of her creativity and inspiration comes from fantasy and sci-fi based online blogs and news forums as well as global sagas such as the Harry Potter and Twilight series.

“I love sci-fi and fantasy stories, I had the chance this weekend to attend a book swap and pick up a duffel bag full of books to explore,” he said. she declared. Her 200-page novel focuses on sixteen-year-old Issabell Helmer, who is transferred to a boarding school only to find herself in an unexpected situation when she discovers a multiverse.

“Isabell is struggling to adjust to her new life on this mysterious planet, while also discovering what her past and future holds in store for her,” Ms. Byrne explained.

“Attending boarding school on this planet, Izzy meets new friends, animals and creatures of all kinds.” Learning the history of this world and how she is somehow involved in the disappearance of the Immortal Princess, who has lived millennia ago. “

This fifteen-chapter reading is the first in an original four-part saga. The author is also committed to designing the cover art, a compilation of related images that sums up the importance of Izzy.

Miss Byrne’s mother, Elizabeth Heller, said her family were extremely proud of the aspiring author.

“Evedyn is incredibly determined and focused, if she has an idea for something she will make it happen,” Ms. Heller said.

“Her flexibility shows in the way she gets things done, and we’re all so proud of that achievement and very excited for the rest of the series.”

While writing the next article, Miss Byrne will also be focusing on pursuing qualifications to eventually embark on a career in publishing.

“I plan to enroll at TAFE to gain communication and writing skills to get started on my writing and publishing journey,” she said.

Starborn; The Rorrim Quartet begins can be purchased in print or eBook on Booktopia and iBooks.

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