Danganronpa Creative Team Announce New Dark Fantasy Game, Enigma Archives: Rain Code

It has been over a decade since players were first welcomed to the Hallowed Halls of Hope’s Peak Academy for Danganronpais the very first killing game. Now the main creative team behind the Danganronpa came together again to work on a new title: the next Enigma Archives: Rain Code.

Relatively little has been published regarding Enigma Archives: Rain Code for now, but the teaser site is already live. The webpage makes it clear that unlike other games inspired by Danganronpa, Enigma Archives: Rain Code will inherit the iconic stylized look of its predecessor.


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According to the teaser site, Enigma Archives: Rain Code will provide players with a “dark fantasy mystery” experience, which means it will likely be an urban fantasy game. the Danganronpa series was compared and contrasted with Personage in the past, therefore, it might be interesting to see the creative team behind Danganronpa tackle a story and setting reminiscent of Personage. Regardless, the key visuals and a few screenshots seem to suggest that mazes, spooky ghosts, pink blood, and long ominous dark cloaks will be involved.

engima archive rain code murder function

Apparently, Danganronpa creator and director Kazutaka Kodaka will write the story of Enigma Archives: Rain Code, Masafumi Takada will compose the soundtrack and Rui Komatsuzaki will design the characters. Relatively little is known about the protagonists, but it appears the hero is a little boy with pink hair worn in the “silly hair” style common to all three. Danganronpa protagonists of the games.

protagonist function of the rain code of the enigma archives

The heroine, meanwhile, is a tall girl with even pinker hair, an elaborate Gothic dress and horns. She wears her long wavy tresses in a distinctive curl style that resembles twin horns of plenty. Fans of Danganronpa might find visual similarities between her and the infamous Junko Enoshima, although it remains to be seen what role she will play.

enigma archives rain code function boy and girl

One of the screenshots appears to show the protagonist standing over a body, presumably to investigate. It is not clear whether or not Enigma Archives: Rain Code will incorporate Danganronpaiconic testing system of or using more standard fantasy game mechanics. Regardless, the screenshots also draw attention to an elaborate city that appears to combine a steampunk aesthetic with glowing neon lights.

puzzle archive rain code city function

Both Danganronpa and Personage the games take place in a relatively normal world that comes up against something terrifying, but while Personage soon attracts the supernatural, Danganronpa remains at least theoretically anchored in reality. What series Enigma Archives: Rain Code will follow the traces of vestiges to see.

Enigma Archives: Rain Code is now in production.

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