Dark Fantasy Game ‘I, the Inquisitor’ delves into cruel holy justice [Trailer]


We all love a dark fantasy adventure once in a while, and Polish developer The Dust has one planned for you in Me, the inquisitor. Based on the bestselling books by Jacek Piekara, Me, the inquisitor is currently in development for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series.

Compared to The sinking city Where A Plague Tale: Innocence but located in the dark Witcher– 1500s style renaissance period, Me, the inquisitor is naturally heavy: in this world, Christ did not die on the cross. Instead, he freed himself from his crucifixion and unleashed bloody vengeance on those who disbelieved in him. Centuries have passed, and now an army of fanatical inquisitors are brutally enforcing the faith of this bloodthirsty church that has taken root in Europe.

You play as one of these inquisitors in the service of the Holy Office – Mordimer Madderdin. Madderdin is sent to the dispirited town of Konigstein, tasked with dealing with the common people’s various crimes and transgressions, while also dealing with an ancient evil trying to take hold in the town. Players will use their detective skills to uncover clues, secrets and suspects. As a good Inquisitor, you will use trickery or threats to get the answers you need. You will also make difficult moral judgments in deciding the fate of those you investigate.

Featuring a dark and gritty story with multiple branching story choices, Me, the inquisitor will feature plenty of swordplay, but also Madderdin’s godlike ability to enter the mysterious Unworld, where he can uncover the deepest secrets the suspects are hiding. The Unworld is also home to a dark force that will do anything to destroy you for setting foot in its realm.

And for those with a streak of sadism, the game will feature “persuasive interrogations”, where you’ll be given free rein to use more dubious methods and tools to trick suspects into revealing “the truth”.

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