Dark Religious Fantasy Game I Inquisitor Announced by Dust

Dark Religious Fantasy Game I Inquisitor Announced by Dust
One of the rare screenshots of I, the Inquisitor

Beware of sinners and unbelievers! Me, the inquisitora story-driven dark fantasy action game, was officially announced by Polish game developer The Dust. Based on the popular book series by Jacek Piekara, Me, the inquisitor centers in a dark alternate universe where Jesus is taken down from the cross in devastating wrath and revenge to punish mankind. A thousand years later, his inquisitors roam the Earth, using their unique abilities to uphold his law.

Fantasy fans familiar with the source material should know that the plot of Me, the inquisitor will be completely original. The Dust hopes that players familiar with the book series will appreciate the references to the original, dark atmosphere of the novels. The Dust describes Me, the inquisitor plot as such:

You are Mordimer Madderdin and you are an Inquisitor, a servant of God, working for the glory of the Holy Office in a world where the representatives of the Church rule with a firm hand. Stripped of your rights after being falsely accused of killing the Emperor, you travel to the town of Köenigstein to visit your former beloved. Your plans are thwarted when you come across a mysterious murder case in which supernatural forces may be involved.

As an inquisitor, the player will decide the fate in a wide range of cases and missions. The player’s morality will be tested in multiple branching story choices and brutal interrogations. Optional interrogation methods that date back to the real Inquisition are useful to the player and it’s up to you if and how much force to apply to get what is needed. However, when your investigation and interrogation skills are not enough, the inquisitor can always rely on his sword.

According to The Dust, Me, the inquisitor will have English voiceover and English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish subtitles with more language support promised in the future. Me, the inquisitor is currently in development for release on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Steam for PC. For more information, visit the official website and Steam page.


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