Developer Just Cause’s New Medieval Fantasy Game Leaked


Avalanche Studios, the developer of games like the Just Cause series as well as Rage 2 and more, he is said to be working on a new kind of medieval game called “Ravenbound: Tales from Avalt.” The game is said to be a roguelike in which players have to start over, choosing a new set of skills and weapons for their next run. Ravenbound – or whatever it’s called if it actually exists – has of course not yet been announced by Avalanche.

News of this supposed new Avalanche game comes from an Exputer and Twitter user just4leaks2. The game artwork featured on the left below was also shared and has since been removed by the latter, but not before being captured elsewhere.

Rumored by Exputer, the game takes place in a land called Avalt where players control a character believed to be the “Crow’s Ship”. These “ships” are how players begin their next runs in the roguelike structure with three new options available each time a run ends. Players can see different trait cards applicable to these ships that govern character abilities and weapons.

Tying into the crow-related gameplay is a system that’s meant to be similar to the bird’s-eye views in Assassin’s Creed games where players can send their companion into the air to explore an area. Do so in Ravenbound will allow players to gauge the difficulty levels of different areas and enemies before engaging, a system that will hopefully prevent your runs from ending prematurely.

As for the progression systems, it is said that this game will allow players to purchase and upgrade cards associated with traits after defeating enemies. The game will supposedly have a seasonal content structure. It has been described as a kind of open-world version of dead cellsbut without seeing how the game plays out, that comparison doesn’t offer much.

Exputer’s report quoting the Twitter leaker suggested that development of the game was going well. There is no indication at this time when this game might be announced by Avalanche.

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