Disney reportedly developed epic Lord of the Rings-style fantasy film



No one will disagree with the feeling that Disney are our conquering pop culture lords, but the Mouse House’s record is far less stellar than they would like you to believe.

Obviously, it doesn’t really matter when brands like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star wars, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation, Pirates of the Caribbean and the live-action remakes production line has generated tens of billions of dollars, but attempting to build new franchises from scratch has produced a number of major box office bombs over the past decade.

A wrinkle in time, by Steven Spielberg The BFG, tomorrow, The Lonely Ranger, John carter, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Mars needs moms were all fantasy-tinged blockbusters adapted from existing intellectual property that fell dramatically, losing a ton of money to Disney in the process. That’s part of the reason the studio has focused almost entirely on franchise pricing, and even a recent exception like free guy started life as a Fox project.

That being said, we are now hearing from our sources – the same people who told us that Hayden Christensen was coming back for Obi wan kenobi long before it was confirmed – that Disney would be developing a fantastic epic in the vein of The Lord of the Rings. Other details beyond that remain unclear, including whether this will be an adaptation or an original concept, but you have to imagine that it would be the first given the company’s reliance on recognizable titles at the expense of taking a risk on something new.

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