Every Final Fantasy game confirmed in development


Square Enix has confirmed a number of Final Fantasy in development, including FF16, FFXIV: Endwalker, Final Fantasy Origin, and Ever Crisis.

There is a lot of Final fantasy games currently in development. Some of these are expected to be released later this month, while others will likely be years away. The franchise is one of Square Enix’s largest, and thanks to FF7 Remakereturn to Midgar and FFXIV ‘ever-growing kingdom of Eorzea, Final fantasy has seen renewed interest in recent years.

There has been a long time when the Final fantasy series was at its lowest point. The FF13 The trilogy received a polarizing reception, especially since it has been Square Enix’s primary focus for some time. FF15 received a positive response, but many were disappointed that it was different from the project announced a decade earlier – and there was also the issue of its DLC being cut short. FFXIV got off to a disastrous start, resulting in a complete restart of the game.

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Fortunately, things have been improving since Final fantasy franchise. The Renaissance FFXIV has been a critical and commercial success since its launch, building on a recent spike in the FFXIV player base. The long awaited FF7 Remake was also a success and the start of a series that could last for years. There is more FF current titles than those featuring Cloud Strife and the Warrior of Light, however, as a number of Final fantasy the games are confirmed to be in active development.

Final Fantasy Games in Development – FF16

Final Fantasy 16 will only be presented closer to its release

The next main entry in the series will be a timed PS5 exclusive. FF16 takes place in a world where summons known as Eikons are connected to humans called Dominants. The protagonist is a warrior named Clive Rosfield, whose brother is the Dominant of Phoenix. The world contains six factions that live around mountain-sized crystals, but little has been revealed about Final Fantasy 16the plot or setting of. There’s also no word on a release date, either. but producer Naoki Yoshida claimed FF16 won’t be at the Tokyo Game Show in 2021, suggesting it won’t be released for some time.

Final Fantasy Games in development – FFXIV: Endwalker

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

The fourth expansion for FFXIV is Endwalker – an appropriate title, as it will mark the end of the current storyline. It won’t be the end of FFXIV, Nevertheless. FFXIV: Endwalker will add the Reaper and Sage classes, the ability to buy houses in Ishgard, the male Viera as a playable race (with the female Hrothgar coming later), and a battle against the Anima summon of FF10. Endwalker releases for PC, PS4, and PS5 on November 23, 2021.

Final Fantasy Games in Development – FF7 Remake Part 2

FF7 Remake Intergrade Future Cover

Following FF7 Remake is confirmed to be in development, but the game does not have an official title or release window. The first game Intermission Extended DLC at the end of FF7 Remake, showing Cloud and his friends hitchhiking to Kalm, and a recent novel about Aerith and Tifa confirms that they steal Shinra uniforms and sneak aboard the freighter, as they did in the original timeline. While no footage or additional information on the sequel has been revealed, including whether it will beat FF16 to store shelves, it probably will not share the five-year development of the first FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy Games in development – Final Fantasy Origin

Strangers of Heaven Final Fantasy Garland

Square Enix revealed a memes generation trailer for Stranger from paradise: Final Fantasy Origin during its E3 2021 showcase, and the game had a demo shortly thereafter. Origin of Final Fantasy has more in common with Dark souls Where The devil can cry than with the traditional Final fantasy, although his world is meant to mirror the first game in the FF series. It’s also a darker version of the series, with more violent fights and intense characters. The demo showed Origin of Final Fantasy still needs work, but has the potential to be solid experience. Stranger From Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin will be released on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S in 2022.

Final Fantasy Games in Development – FF7 Ever Crisis

Featured image of the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis title card

Before FF7 Remake, the original FF7 existed as part of its own parallel series called the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. We don’t know how many Compilation is still considered a canon, but fans will be able to experience it on smartphones in the future. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is an upcoming mobile title that aims to tell a condensed version of the original Compilation, including the very first English localization of Before the crisis. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is a turn-based RPG that uses loot boxes for its costumes and weapons, and it’s slated for release on Android and iOS devices in 2022.

Final Fantasy Games in Development – FF7 The First Soldier

Final Fantasy 7 First Soldier Logo Reveals Battle Royale Trailer

The Final fantasy the series tackles the battle royale genre with Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier, a BR that supports up to 75 players per game. It takes place in the world of FF7 and shows how the SOLDIER organization was formed, with players taking on the roles of Shinra warriors or resistance fighters, though fans probably shouldn’t expect a deep dive into a lore.. Players will use a mix of weapons, magic, and summons to defeat their opponents. Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier will be released for Android and iOS devices in 2021.

Final Fantasy Games in development – Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

The closest Final fantasy releases are a blast from the past, as the first six games in the series are in the process of being remastered. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is the collective name of the upcoming remakes of Final fantasy 1 through 6, coming to Android, iOS and PC this year. These games contain remastered visuals that attempt to stay true to the look of the original games. These are also remakes of the NES and SNES versions, which means that no additional content from the old ports or remakes will be included. The remasters of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 2, and Final fantasy 3 will be released for PC and mobile devices on July 29, 2021, and the rest Final fantasy Remastered pixels are should be launched in August.

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