Every Final Fantasy game released on PS4, ranked



There are fourteen Final fantasy games on PS4. However, only twelve are relevant to the topic under study. This list will be limited to the games in the series that were released during the PS4 era which was done in order to highlight what new this console has brought to the series.

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For example, Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD was a remastered collection of the first two games on PS2 that received the HD treatment on PS3 and PS Vita. The PS4 version is then just a port with nothing new apart from a very minor adjustment to the graphics. It is the same for Final Fantasy XIV. The rest are all ready to be taken away.

A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV

Fight enemies in A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

It was a 2D brawler spin-off from the main game. It was a prequel starring Noctis’ father and his friends on a journey similar to that of the four boys from Final Fantasy XV. On paper, a retro theme Final fantasy brawler sounds good but the execution leaves something to be desired, as does the lack of cooperation.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

Noctis from Monster Of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV

This was another stand-alone spinoff from Final Fantasy XV. It was a PSVR exclusive on PS4 that was just an expanded version of the main campaign fishing game.

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The VR effect was pretty amazing at times, but it was a bit pricey for a minigame, more or less.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

Fight a boss in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

The original version of GameCube was an innovative multiplayer experience when it launched in 2004 for North America. It was also a bit of a hassle as it took four Game Boy Advance handheld consoles to get it to work fully. This remastered version, released last year. hasn’t changed much, which is one of the reasons it only received average reviews. Fans still appreciated his return in one form or another.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Squall of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in fact first released in arcades in Japan in 2015. It was the third entry in this once-exclusive PSP fighting game series. When it comes to consoles in 2018, it added things that were excluded from the original, but it also controversially removed many modes from PSP games and locked down content. Past the controversy, it was a fun fighting game.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 first launched in Japan in 2011 on PSP. The game eventually got an English patch translation, so fans had given up on any hope that it would ever come to the United States. Not only in 2015, but in an HD remaster that tweaked many game mechanics in addition to tweaking the visuals. It was a good predecessor of action to Final Fantasy XV which will be released a year later.

Final Fantasy VIII remastered

Fight a boss in Final Fantasy VIII

Just in time for its 20th anniversary, Square Enix donated Final Fantasy VIII remastered processing. For the context, it was released in 1999 on PS1. It was the last of the nucleus Final fantasy games on PS1 to be remastered on PS4 and other consoles. It’s a black sheep of the family with different sides of fandom attached to it, with True Believers being very hardcore about it.

Final Fantasy World

Promotional art featuring characters from World Of Final Fantasy

It was initially a PS4 and PS Vita version before making its way to other consoles. It was like Kingdom Hearts but for Final fantasy in that the two main heroes have traveled to regions of the main games in the series. It was like Pokemon in terms of gameplay, which also added to its uniqueness.

Final Fantasy XV

The four boys of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV spent over a decade in the kiln and in turn underwent many changes during development. Was the hype worth it? This is another questionable situation for Final fantasy fans but on the bright side, he did the show well with his first real open-world adventure. It’s also worth mentioning that it received a demake on iOS, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, which finally arrived on PS4.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Promotional art featuring characters from Final Fantasy XII

This remaster was released almost in time for its 10th anniversary. Final Fantasy XII was a PS2 exclusive in 2006 before making its way to the PS4 in 2017 and other consoles beyond. He bridged the gap between Final Fantasy XI MMO fighting style and more traditional gameplay and story themes from other games in the series.

Final Fantasy IX

Fight enemies in Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX was the last base game in the series on PS1 when it launched in 2000. It was meant to be a classic throwback to the series’ roots thematically.

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Seventeen years later he was celebrated again with this remaster which added visual enhancements and tips like fast forward and invincibility. PS4 versions of Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy VII also got these upgrades.

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud at Shinra's HQ in Final Fantasy VII

It took almost two decades, but Final Fantasy VII finally started its comeback with this 2015 PS4 remaster. It was a match for bigger things to come when the remake was announced shortly thereafter. It was like an appetizer for the main course to come five years later but still filling as this game is an all-time classic.

Final Fantasy VII remake

Fight a boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII remake blew most people’s expectations out of the water. It was more than just a remake and it was more the kickoff of a series reinvented in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Who knows how long it will take before this saga is over. One thing is for sure though, fans, and even naysayers, are interested in the sequel to this series.

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