Every Final Fantasy game that needs a remake more than FF7


Final Fantasy 7 is a classic experience, but overall well received. Some of the other less critically acclaimed titles could use a fresh coat of paint.

The Final fantasy The series is filled with games that could be reworked to perfectly fit the modern gaming era. Final fantasy 7 was one of those games, but it wasn’t necessarily the highest on the list when it comes to less-rated games that need a makeover. There are a few games in the series that could use a remake on Final Fantasy 7, especially since the originals were not so well received either.

It can be difficult to pick the best remake contenders in a series as long and constantly evolving as Final fantasy. Several novelties Final fantasy titles are confirmed to be in development, one of them being a reimagining action game spin-off Final Fantasy I. For Square Enix, the choice is difficult: should the remakes focus on fan favorites like Final fantasy 7 & 6, or do older titles need to be completely redone to fit modern gaming conventions? Each strategy has its own merits, and so far Square has had great success sticking to its most popular titles.

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It may seem more obvious to redo favorite entries like FF6 Where FF9, but success could still be found in the remakes of the lesser known Final fantasy securities. While these titles don’t make the top JRPG lists, they still have some incredibly interesting worlds worth exploring in a new context. It’s possible that a fresh coat of paint could put those old titles in the spotlight.

Final Fantasy 2 Party Fighting Knights

Final Fantasy II has been published in several forms, the most recent as part of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters series, but it never received a modern remake. There are quite a few mechanics that have never really appeared in others. Final fantasy games that could do Final fantasy 2 a very unique experience for newcomers. The game featured a distinctive NPC dialogue system that allowed players to memorize certain words to unlock new dialogue or things to do. This system could lead to an inventive side-quest system in a modern game that allows players to take more of a detective role when it comes to solving NPC issues. Combining puzzle quests with the unique stat boost progression system could lead to a whole new Final Fantasy II to live.

Final Fantasy V Party Fight Gilgamesh

Apart from Final Fantasy XIV, Final fantasyThe employment system has been relatively absent from more recent titles. A new version of Final fantasy v could change that. The original featured 22 sturdy jobs that allowed players to diversify their squad as they saw fit. A contemporary Final fantasy 5 could rekindle fans’ passion for the game’s working system.

Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Up Close

While Final Fantasy 13 is relatively new compared to most of the games in the series, it could still benefit from a remake due to its division status in the Final fantasy community. While some consider it to be one of the best stories of Final fantasy, others complain about the convoluted combat system and lore. Square Enix could rewrite history to alleviate some of the biggest complaints. The combat system would benefit from being less obtuse and clearer. It might even reflect Final fantasy 7and decides to go for an entirely different system that mixes elements of the old with the new.

All Final fantasy game more than likely has a fan who wants a full remake of their favorite game. Final fantasy 7 fans are currently the ones feasting on the new reimagining, and it’s unclear what games are slated for the next remakes. Ultimately, it’s up to Square Enix to decide which games should be remade next, although a few entries deserve more remakes than some typical fan-favorite titles.

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