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Few video game franchises are as well known as Square Enix Final fantasy series. Square has been at the forefront of the RPG genre for almost 35 years since the first Final fantasy the game debuted on the original Nintendo entertainment system. The Final fantasy The series continues to evolve in exciting ways that have made it a known property even outside of video game circles.

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It’s a video game franchise which is not in danger of disappearing. A popular device which is exploited not only in video games, but in all forms of entertainment, is surprise cameo appearances. Final fantasy has become so famous that characters from various games in the series have appeared in very unexpected and unrelated video games.

ten Ehrgeiz: God Bless Final Fantasy VII Entourage Banks Ring

Ehrgeiz God Bless The Ring Tifa Battle Video Game

Ehrgeiz: God bless the ring is a solid two player arcade fighter developed by DreamFactory and originally published by Namco for release in arcades. However, Square helped publish Ehrgeiz’s release for the PlayStation and helped celebrate the collaboration with the addition of several popular characters from Final Fantasy VII. Ehrgeiz has more than ten original fighters, but the main selling point for the uninitiated is that they could play as Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, Zack, Vincent, and even Yuffie in a fighting game. Little done Ehrgeiz know that they would set a precedent here.

9 Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Has Nintendo’s Best Showdown With Final Fantasy Staples

Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Video Games All Mario Final Fantasy Characters

Square Enix is ​​a very talented developer, which makes it exciting when playing outside of their typical wheelhouse with some versions. Mario Hoops 3v3 is a Mario basketball game for Nintendo DS handheld, but it’s actually developed by Square Enix. Mario Hoops 3v3 no shortage of Mario characters, but Square draws on Final Fantasy to build a dream team of basketball players made up of various Final fantasy characters like White Mage, Black Mage, Moogle, Ninja and even Cactuar. This strange experience continues with Mario Sports Mix, also developed by Square.

8 Secret of Evermore reunites players with the valiant hero of Final Fantasy IV

Secret Of Evermore Cecil Merchant Video Games

Secret of Evermore is a Super Nintendo Action-RPG with a strong premise where a boy and his dog are taken to a fantasy world. However, the dog now transforms into incredible creatures as he progresses in his adventure.

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When players reach the Ebony Dungeon area in Gothica, they can recognize that the merchant is Cecil Harvey, the leader of Final Fantasy IV. Cecil does not hide this fact and he happily remembers his adventures in the Final fantasy Game. In addition, the Coliseum in the game is filled with other Final Fantasy IV characters in the crowd.

7 Tobal 2 highlights chocobos among its sprawling roster of fighters

Tobal 2 Battle of Yellow Chocobo Video Game

The Tobal DreamFactory and Square’s fight franchise uses Square’s passion for excess to really drive the project. It is always amazing how much content is contained in these PlayStation games. Commonly, Tobal 2 has a list of 200 characters, which is a total that even the Super Smash Bros. Where Mortal combat games haven’t peaked in decades since Tobal 2 Release. This exaggerated list of characters means that Tobal 2 can experiment and have fun with some of their choices, which is exactly why a Black Chocobo and a Yellow Chocobo are among the many playable fighters.

6 Dragon Quest X connects the dots with Final Fantasy online offerings

Dragon Quest X Shantotto Appearance Chocobo Video Game

Dragon Quest is the other major RPG series that has been able to evolve over the decades alongside Final Fantasy. A crossover between these two worlds seems almost inevitable, but it officially happens once the two series make the transition to leading MMORPGs. Dragon Quest X is a huge change of pace for the franchise, but it offers satisfying crossover events with the Final fantasy Games. Shantotto and his Chocobo by Final Fantasy XI arise, and a second event brings a very confused Kuplo Kopo of Final Fantasy XIV in Dragon quest x world.

5 Yo-Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble turns Cloud Strife into an unexpected ally

Video Games Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Cloud Cameo

There are still countless Pokemon clones, but the Yo-kai watch infatuation is one of the most successful and creative examples of exploring new territories with a familiar idea. The Yo-kai watch series seems to be the last place a Final fantasy would appear, which makes it even more surprising that this happens in the title derived from the series mobile puzzle, Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble.

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The puzzle game offers collaboration alongside Final Fantasy Dissidia, which results in Cloud Strife appearing as a friendly S-rank Yo-kai who also benefits from a Z-rank limit break after merging with Aerith’s Ribbon.

4 Itadaki Street board game series looks to Final Fantasy for an extra boost

Itadaki Street Aerith Linoa Argent Video Game

Itadaki Street, sometimes known as Rue de la Fortune, is a Monopoly-esque board game that first appears as a mini-game in Dragon Quest III before its creator, Yuji Horii, turns it into his own series. There are frequently Dragon Quest numbers in Itadaki Street because of the roots of the series, but it’s also a franchise that is gradually being incorporated Final fantasy. There is a large assortment of Final fantasy characters through the different Itadaki Street games, but PlayStation 2 release includes the pillars of the entire PlayStation era Final fantasy games, from Tifa to Squall to Vivi.

3 Monster Strike proves Cloud is dangerous no matter what genre he’s in

Monster Strike Cloud Strife Video Games

It has become increasingly difficult to avoid the mobile gaming market, and some series in this area continue to dominate. Monster strike combines RPG elements with puzzle and strategy genres to create a fast paced and addicting experience. Like many mobile games, the biggest hurdle is for Monster strike not to feel throwaway, and one of the ways it stands out is the inclusion of Cloud Strife. Monster strike turn it Final Fantasy VII legend in a serious hitter. This is a trend that has also continued in the comparable mobile puzzle game, Puzzle.

2 Super Smash Bros. brings Final Fantasy VII icons to crossover mayhem

Video Games Super Smash Bros. Sephiroth fights Captain Falcon

Nintendo ended up with one of the most popular fighting game series of the last generations with their free-for-all fighter crossover, Super Smash Bros. The series started out as a celebration of Nintendo’s legacy and their many franchises, but games have gradually incorporated more “guest fighters” of non-Nintendo franchises. It’s exciting to have Solid Snake, Mega Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog fighting Mario, but Smash Bros. also brought in Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII like formidable fighters. It only fanned the flames for more Final fantasy representation in the series.

1 Kingdom Hearts creates an overwhelming world that merges Final Fantasy with Disney

Kingdom Hearts is one of the craziest video game series to ever exist, and the franchise has gotten heavier and heavier with the vocals of new releases. Ambition is not lacking the Kingdom Hearts series and it took on some of the craziest impulses from the tone and history of the Final fantasy Games. The whole premise of the series revolves around a world that mixes both Final fantasy and beloved Disney properties, so it’s common for characters like Cloud, Tifa, Squall, Tidus or Wakka to mingle with Donald Duck or Goofy before an epic battle breaks out.

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