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Dungeons & Dragons is a game that allows players to expand their creativity, which has led to the creation of a number of homebrew campaigns.

Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop game that encourages the creativity of its dungeon master and party members. While many fans embark on campaigns created by Wizards of the Coast, many will end up trying to play or even create their own campaign based on original ideas or stories that exist outside of. D&D. Building a homebrew campaign isn’t easy, especially if a gamer is creating something content-based like a popular book series. However, there are some excellent written worlds that have been converted into campaigns through the hard work of D&D Fans.

Turn a series of books into one D&D campaign can take hours, even years, to accomplish. Worlds must be folded to fit the rules of Dungeons & Dragons, turning species into races and skills into classes, as well as translating the world itself into a space an DM can navigate as they lead their party through history. For worlds as big as the Lord of the Rings Where Harry potter, whole D&D communities have pooled their resources on sites like Reddit, comparing ratings and compiling all the work into a working resource book for campaigns.

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While some worlds would obviously make it interesting Dungeons & Dragons content, there are also series that may surprise gamers, ones that offer a unique and interesting take on the decades-old tabletop RPG system. Below is a mix of popular book series and potentially surprising titles, which have been turned into homebrew campaigns that all. D&D DM can work. While some of these campaigns are as comprehensive as a Wizards of the Coast sourcebook, others gave DMs bare bones, leaving room for creative interpretation and personal preferences when setting up. of an adventure to run.

D&D Homebrews Based on Books: Harry Potter by JK Rowling

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Fans of Dungeons & Dragons and Harry potter can enjoy it simultaneously thanks to the hard work shared by the Reddit user Category on the DnDBehindTheScreen subreddit. Cattegy has created an easy to implement homebrew for the Harry potter universe by translating spells, creatures and objects of Harry potter in existing content for D&D. Spells like “Daylight” translate to “Lumos Maxima” and races like Elves become Veela. Content is flexible for canon D&D adventures of the source book with a bit of DM work translating the framework to fit the Harry potter themes, making homebrew a fun way to explore many D&D adventures in a different light.

D&D Homebrews Based on Books: Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

Fans of the Percy Jackson the series can choose to run a D&D homebrew based on content created by Terryghast on Reddit. The 33-page content guide breaks down the world of Percy Jackson in the classes, races, and global traditions that an MD would need to create a campaign set in the Popular Book Series. Players can choose to play as a Greek or Roman demigod, or one of the many fantastic creatures in the game. Percy Jackson books. With the help of a parental deity, players can roam the streets of Manhattan, or a more classic game D&D parameter that the DM can translate using homebrew content. This homebrew-inspired series of books took longer to craft the Demigod Races, giving players plenty of skills and bonuses to try out when creating their character.

Book-based D&D homebrews: Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

Lord of the Rings Books JRR Tolkien

There are many different resources for Dungeons & Dragons players when it comes to a homebrew, or even an official source book, for a the Lord of the Rings inspired campaign. ZeroHitPoints created a free homebrew guide that gamers can access through the internet if they don’t want to spend the money on a campaign source book like Adventures in Middle-earth published by Cubicle 7.

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ZeroHitPoints breaks down key narrative points into user-friendly modules for the campaign, and explains the different classes, races, and stories behind the world players will immerse themselves in. It’s a great resource for those who want to try Middle-earth on their next campaign, or want a the Lord of the Rings inspired session with more narrative flexibility.

Book-Based D&D Homebrews: Star Wars by Various Authors

While the Star wars the series is best known by its films, the universe of the novel has helped to expand the world that so many Star wars fans have come to love and know. For this reason, the reddit user LaSaucité and many others have created Star Wars-inspired D&D campaigns that vary in complexity and playability. TheSauciness has divided its homebrew into two hefty sections which are formatted very like a traditional Dungeons & Dragons source book, helping fans navigate information in a familiar way. Each part also has a table of contents to help new and old players easily find the information they need from the wealth of homebrew content provided. Through this homebrew, players can feel the Force as they travel the world to overthrow the Sith, or even join the dark side themselves.

D&D Book-Based Homebrews: The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

lion witch wardrobe D&D homebrew campaigns

The rich narrative world of Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis tops the most popular fantasy titles of all time. Thanks to fans like The MetroYeti on Reddit, Dungeons & Dragons fans can set up a homebrew campaign that allows their group to slip into a Narnia-themed homebrew. ThemetroYeti provides players with the backbone they will need for any adventure that might arise in the world, outlining races, classes, main areas, and how different magics work in the realm.

Similar to classic D&D campaigns, each of these homebrew adventures focuses on creating rich worlds that encourage exploration while immersing the party in an expansive fantasy setting. The use of D&D game rules and guidelines when creating a homebrew campaign show how flexible and creative the game is, especially because there are many popular book series that can be turned into campaigns using D&D Notions. Use homebrew content in a Dungeons & Dragons The campaign encourages players to give a new twist to the popular tabletop game, while allowing players to enjoy the wonders of adventure and exploration in favorite worlds outside of a classic D&D setting.

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