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Enter Martha, a one-eyed, awkward teenage girl with a strange gift and a clearly unwanted mission to defeat a Norse creature of the living dead. Martha lost her sight in one eye when she fell from the eponymous tree, but she acquired a new talent: she can tell things about people just by touching their clothes, as if their thoughts and emotions had been absorbed by matter. But this talent only hints at the terrifying and eerie ordeal this daughter of Odin is about to face when she arrives in Norway in search of her grandmother, Mormor.

The Twisted Tree is directly linked to the teenage literary reader – with the handsome moody goth Stig serving as a sufficiently somber romantic interest.

And the novel cleverly weaves Norse mythology into a modern thriller, all impressively written with a nice economy of time, place, and action – the latter shaking with an appropriate page-turning rate.

However, for all its attention to Scandinavian detail, The Twisted Tree is truly a classic coming-of-age novel, a story of self-realization and growing self-confidence in a young woman who dares to face life and comes out of it. victorious.

And for that one honest and intact model, Ms. Burge’s novel should be applauded.

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