Fantasy Guide: What is your strategy in the first fantasy game of Men’s DIII?


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The fantastic lacrosse creates a ton of fun buzz and added incentive for your game day watching pleasure. For more information and additional details on the new IL offering, be sure to check out yesterday’s release.

The scoring system is based on production rather than efficiency and has a point value associated with the most relevant scoring statistics.

  • 3 points for a goal
  • 3 points for an assist
  • -1 point for a turnover
  • 2 points for a ball on the ground
  • 6 for turnover caused
  • 1 for backup

During your team selection process, keep a few of these key details in mind.


Bredahl in a match against Colby could put on a huge, fantastic performance. In 2021, Bredahl had nine points, three ground balls and two caused turnovers with just one turnover for what would have been a huge, fantastic 44-point performance.

For $1, Mitch Lachman can be an intriguing option, because a dominant player without the ball taking Lachman is also a sign that you think Stevenson will have success and ball movement on offense. So far this season, Lachman has collected five points, all via goals.

$5 – Mac Bredahl vs. Colby

$4- Logan Posner vs. Lynchburg

$3- Kyle Lewis v Salisbury

$2 – Will Harnick vs. RIT

$1- Mitch Lachman vs. Gettysburg


Kennedy gets the fantastic Week 1 go-ahead as a $5 defender ahead of a clash with one of the Division III’s best offenses. Kennedy will have many opportunities to make his presence felt. He enters this weekend as the top fantasy defender in fantasy points per game averaging nearly 34 points per game. The Spartans maximize his skill by allowing him to apply pressure in midfield, push transition and also play every possession as a close defender. LSMs can be of high value, but an LSM on a nearby defender who is only present for a fraction of the play’s repetitions impacts their value; Kennedy gets the best of both worlds.

Ryan Young recorded the greatest game of any defender with a massive eight-ball, eight-CT performance against Randolph Macon. I’m not sure defenders can be ‘in the zone’, but if Young’s instinct works the same, expect a big day. Young is capable of a huge fantasy day in any given game, in part because Max Wayne often protects the main dodging threat, freeing up Young to roam more freely for turnovers.

$5 – Ryan Kennedy vs. RIT

$4- Ryan Young vs. Catholic

$3 – Tynan Hillery vs. CNU

$2- Zack Puckhaber vs. Stevenson

$1- Colin Pierce vs. Cortland


Barnable is one of the Tigers plays who constantly produces and threatens to produce a run every time the ball is in his stick. On his career, he has 185 points thanks to an extremely even clip of 89 and 96. Barnable’s vision and high IQ allow him to make the most of any defensive look that comes his way.

Rogers is an x-factor for the Hornets and could potentially be the x-factor for your $1 roster. Rogers is currently third on the team in points and first in midfield. He’s had 10 assists on the year for three goals, Salisbury will most likely work to get pole on him and do their best not to slip. Rogers at $1 against slow Salisbury defense; if Rogers can make them pay in those situations, he can be a great pick-up for your Fantasy team.

$5 – Ryan Barnable vs. York

$4 – Cam Leydig vs. Gettysburg

$3- Andrew Cook vs. Catholic

$2 – Tucker O’Donnell vs. St. Lawrence

$1- Brett Rogers v Salisbury


Joe Post enters 2022 as a grad student with the experience, confidence and skills to be a first-team All-American, just as he was in 2021 and again in preseason. of 2022. So far in 2022, Post is averaging around 25 points per game largely due to his fast hands and ability to win faceoffs cleanly against himself.

Huey is an interesting fantasy prospect, not only for his X ability and his rout on 50/50, but also for his stick and his ability to create a transition. In three games this season, Huey has four points in addition to 36 game wins and 25 ground runs.

$5 – Joe Post vs. St. Laurent

$4 – Mike McShea vs. CNU

$3- Jake Huey vs. Dickinson

$2- Steven Betsch vs. Union

$1- Michael Kraus v Salisbury


Goalkeeper picks are an interesting balance of trying to find the best goalkeeper on a good defense that won’t allow lay-ups without being on a defense so disruptive that the offense won’t be able to generate a shot count significant.

Cabrini have never been known as a shy side, Brandau have already racked up over 20 saves this season, if it gets hot this weekend we could be looking at another similar situation.

Danny Stone at $2 could potentially be the best value before a Coast Guard game. Stone has been off this season so far against stiff competition. Part of Stone’s fantastic appeal is his knack for being active around the crease, over the course of the year he had eight ground balls and two caused turnovers in addition to his 31 saves.

$5- Chris Brandau vs. Cabrini

$4 – Jack Michael vs. RIT

$3- Nic Pezone vs. CNU

$2 – Danny Stone vs. Coast Guard

$1- Nick Spagnoletti vs. Denison


In the flexible zone, we have positions ranging from top-performing forwards to second-option midfielders. Your choice of budget to allocate in the flex spot is an important aspect of strategy, each player will need to determine how much money they wish to allocate to an additional offensive player. Do you go all out for another high scoring striker or are you looking to save some money here so you can take on more expensive players in the other categories.

Nicholas Miller is intriguing at all costs, especially if you don’t have to shell out five bucks to pick him up. The left-handed gunslinger is currently averaging 18.5 fantasy points per game and is fully capable of blowing up performance in any given game.

$5- Dylan Rice vs. Catholic

$4- Nicholas Miller vs. Saint-Laurent

$3- Skyler Schluter vs. Cabrini

$2- Jack Dowd vs. Lynchburg

$1- Ryan Rosenblum vs. York

Now that you’re all educated on the Week 4 Men’s DIII Saturday Contest, be sure to get in on those lineups. You can access the Week Four Men’s DIII Saturday contest by clicking here.

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