FootballCoin launches Fantasy Euro 2020 game with collectible NFT and XFC prizes


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pioneering Football Fantasy Blockchain Platform FootballCoin has launched the new version of its game for EURO 2020. The announcement comes with an increase in prizes for all daily contests and an XFC prize of 100,000 for the game’s top managers.

EURO 2020 Fantastic football

For anyone preparing to watch the Euro 2020 matches, enjoys fantasy football or is passionate about cryptocurrency and the exciting world of NFTs; there couldn’t be better entertainment than FootballCoin this summer.

Euro 2020 Fantasy is a free game with NFT Player cards and includes all tournament matches in FootballCoin’s daily competitions. Players can register and play for free for a chance to win prizes in the platform’s native XFC coin, or convert those prizes into fiat currency.

NFT player cards and XFC coin

NFT Player Packs containing NFT Player (and Stadium) Cards can be purchased in-game for as little as US $ 12.00. NFT cards can be bought, sold, and even loaned out (just like real players) on the vibrant FootballCoin marketplace. All the fancy cards are visible and saved on the blockchain, which gives FootballCoin NFT a real utility in earning more XFC coins.

XFC is the native cryptocurrency of the game, but is also redeemable for fiat on crypto trading platforms, with the bulk of XFC trading volume taking place on the centralized Whitebit exchange. XFC can also be purchased securely on the FootballCoin platform with a credit card.

How to play Coin football

Interested parties can participate in the Fantasy Football competitions by registering for free on the FootballCoin registration page. After registration, users simply select a competition to enter and then create a project of 11 players + 5 substitutes from a list of real footballers.

XFC wins are determined based on how well players perform in their actual games. This is determined by actual data to mark player performance. Each Euro 2020 game gives users the option to select a new project consisting of players participating in the competition. Choose the ultimate fantasy football draft and win.

FootballCoin: Change the NFT game

2021 has seen an increase in sports-related NFT and blockchain projects. NBA Top Shot and other NFT football sports projects have taken off, and FootballCoin is expected to be the next NFT sports platform to explode in space.

While NBA Top Shot focuses on collecting in typical sports card fashion, FootballCoin allows users to not only build their sports card collection, but also become “managers” and use their cards to compete. every day for rewards and prizes in real fantasy football contests.

Other fantasy football games that use cryptocurrency to buy NFTs sometimes charge hundreds or thousands of dollars, and have other limiting aspects of the fantasy gaming experience as well.

In contrast, FootballCoin has been using NFTs as the central pillar of the concept for over four years, with NFT player cards starting at a price of around $ 3, and at no additional cost for sale, trade or rental.

Interested parties can register on FootballCoin for free and start collecting NFT cards for the EURO 2020 Fantastic game.

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