Forget Rings of Power – Disney Plus is adapting this beloved fantasy book into a TV show

It’s a good time to be a fantasy fan with Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and HBO’s House of the Dragon set to premiere next month, but Disney Plus might have a show ready to eclipse them both.

Variety (opens in a new tab) has learned that a live-action TV adaptation of Eragon is currently in development for Disney Plus. The streaming series is said to be based on “The Inheritance Cycle”, a collection of young adult fantasy novels written by Christopher Paolini and published between 2003 and 2011. Eragon is the first book in the series, followed by Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance.

This scoop was later confirmed by Paolini himself who took Twitter (opens in a new tab) to not-so-subtly verify that Variety’s reports were indeed accurate. The American author thanked fans on social media, noting that the project wouldn’t have started without the broad fan support for the Inheritance Cycle books and the 2021 #RemakeEragon campaign on social media.

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Eragon tells the story of a young farm boy who comes across a mysterious egg in the forest, which then hatches into a dragon named Saphira. The first novel chronicles Eragon’s journey to becoming a legendary Dragon Rider, an ancient order of protectors previously annihilated by the tyrannical King Galbatorix, under the watchful eye of mentor Brom. The rest of the Legacy Cycle follows Eragon and Saphira as they make new allies and attempt to defeat Galbatorix in order to free the mythical boy of Alagaesia from his harsh rule.

The novel series has been immensely successful over the past two decades, selling over 41 million copies worldwide. For this reason, it was no surprise that Eragon was adapted into a film in 2006. The film starred newcomer Ed Speleers as Eragon, Rachel Weisz as the voice of Saphira, Jeremy Irons as Brom and John Malkovich in Galbatorix. The film was a critical misfire and a commercial underperformer, with a planned sequel quickly shelved after its disappointing release.

After such a disappointing first attempt to bring the world of Eragon to life, fans may be worried about this Disney Plus show. However, the good news is that Variety understands that Paolini will be involved as co-writer, and potentially even co-showrunner. This should at the very least make the project reasonably faithful to the novels, unlike the 2006 film which carried over the basic setting but otherwise made drastic changes generally not welcomed by fans.

Fans have expressed disappointment with the film for years, and in 2021 launched a #RemakeEragon campaign inspired by the success of the social media campaign to get Zack Snyder’s Justice League out. This coordinated effort implored Disney to give Eragon a second chance and this time to create an adaptation true to the spirit of the book.

There’s no word on the cast or any kind of release date info, but given that the show is said to be in the early stages of development, it’s very likely that Eragon won’t be around yet. to Disney Plus for several years. Still, the mere confirmation that Eragon is being adapted again, and that Paolini is involved this time around, should be enough to keep avid fans looking forward to more information for a while.

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