Game of Thrones fans will love this feminist fantasy book series

It doesn’t even take place in a violently misogynistic world.

Alas, it’s true – soon the world of queens and dragons will be no more. With the last season of Game of thrones almost on us, the fangirls among us are private. But rest assured ladies, good news is at hand. And it’s called The priory of the orange tree.

Welcome to your new crush book. And we’re sure a TV series is only a matter of time.

The teaser for the book captivated us: “A divided world. A queen without an heir. A former enemy awakens.”

British author Samantha Shannon’s book is compared to the Lord of the Rings and Game of thrones, but with a feminist touch.

She said Cinders Magazine of her inspiration to “write a feminist tale that has allowed women of many walks of life to control the fate of nations, gutted the damsel in distress trope, and was not set in a violently misogynistic world.”

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Shannon is only 27 years old and has published five books, including The season of bones, for which she signed a six-figure contract in 2013.

The priory of the orange tree came out this year and centers around Maison Berethnet, which has ruled Inys for a thousand years. The Ninth Bachelor Queen Sabran must conceive a daughter to protect her kingdom from destruction.

And there are dragons – a lot of them. A mysterious woman named Tané has trained her entire life to be a dragon rider.

Shannon said she was fascinated by dragons. “I also wanted to write a novel that explored the different ways dragons are imagined around the world, had a (wrong) religious interpretation as a dominant theme, and interwoven mythology with fascinating periods of history. Priory hatched from all of this and more, ”she said.

What did we say? Queens and dragons to the end.

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