Gord is a “unique” grimdark fantasy game inspired by Slavic mythology> NAG


Build cities, kill mythological monsters and prevent your citizens from going crazy. Or build cities, kill mythological monsters, but not keep your citizens from going crazy because it’s probably more fun.

Founded by former CD Projekt Red and 11 Bit Studios producer Stan Just, Covenant’s debut project is – inevitably, I guess – a not-so-subtle mix of The Witcher and Frostpunk, with procedural-level generation mixed in for a extra genre combo XP. Are you intrigued? I am interested. We could create a club.

The game is in development for PC and is expected to launch on Steam in 2022.

Press release

Gord is a single player adventure strategy game starring developing societies, strange Forbidden Lands, and remarkable mythical creatures. Players complete quests and manage a population whose personal histories and well-being impact the fate of the colony.

Main characteristics:

  • Adventure strategy in a dark fantasy setting – Lead the people of the Tribe of Dawn as they venture into the Forbidden Lands and ensure the survival of your people in a fantasy and sinister world inspired by Slavic folklore.
  • A unique city builder with elements of survival – Take your gord from a humble settlement to a formidable fortress as your population is constantly threatened by enemy tribes, gruesome monsters and mysterious powers lurking in the surrounding woods.
  • AI-based quest system to ensure a wide variety – Side quests and random encounters will send you out into the wild to hunt down legendary creatures, uncover secrets about the Ancients, or defeat an evil plague.
  • Custom scenarios with procedural level generation – Choose from a variety of main objectives, select the level size, the intensity of the raids, the environment you will play in, the types of enemies you will face, the starting resources and even the severity of the weather report.
  • Impactful mental health and burden systems – Every aspect of your settlers’ lives – from illness and hunger to the death of loved ones – can impact the psychological state of your villagers.
  • Unleash mighty incantations – Spells vary in nature – some are offensive while others are defensive – but they all help tip the battlefield in your favor.
  • Uncover the mysteries of the world in The ChroniclePages torn from The Chronicle will be scattered throughout the game’s landscapes, giving dedicated players an added challenge to uncover the lore behind the Gord universe.

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