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Twelve-year-old Shuri is a lot. Scientist. Princess. A whole cooler person than his big butt-sore brother, T’Challa. Shuri knows she could do a lot more to help Wakanda, but everyone is obsessed with the prince because he’s the next Black Panther. It is, until Soul Washing Day, one of the most important rituals of Wakandan society.

When an argument between T’Challa and Shuri leads to the accidental destruction of one of Shuri’s inventions at the site of the sacred ceremony, chaos reigns instead of prosperity. Suddenly, the inhabitants of Wakanda, including her mother the queen, fall ill! Could it be a curse from the ancestors? Desperate to save her mother, Shuri sets out on a search and finds an answer hidden deep in an ancient children’s myth. It may be nothing more than a fantasy, but with the disease spreading daily, the young princess must trust her instincts and travel deep into the mysterious Heartlands to save her family and kingdom.

Joining Shuri on his journey is none other than a meddling T’Challa. If Shuri and T’Challa can put aside their jealousy and resentment towards each other long enough to survive this journey, they may well find that they are far more powerful together than they ever could. be separately. But if they can’t face their fears in the Heartlands and lift the so-called curse, it might not just be the end for their family, but the end of Wakanda as they know it. No pressure, right?

Of New York Times Best-selling author Roseanne A. Brown presents an original Marvel prequel graphic novel starring Shuri and T’Challa as the princess and prince of Wakanda, the fictional African country from the Oscar-winning film Black Panther. When one of Shuri’s inventions accidentally destroys the sacred ceremony site for Soul Washing Day, the teenage genius Shuri and his older brother T’Challa must travel deep into the mysterious Heartlands to find out what disease – or ancient curse – is. making the Wakandans, including the Queen Mother, sick.

Illustrated by Dika Araújo, Claudia Aguirre and Natacha Bustos.

Shuri and T’Challa have decided to remove a curse from Wakanda in this totally original and action-packed graphic novel!

The graphic novel will go on sale on April 5, 2022.

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