Just Cause developer is reportedly working on a fantastic game


Avalanche Studios, the developer behind Just Cause and Mad Max, may be working on a fantastic new roguelike game according to a new leak.

Avalanche Studios, best known for its work on the just cause series, would be working on a fantastic new title called Ravenbound: Tales from Avalt. While unconfirmed by anyone at Avalanche, the news has come via leaks which suggest the game will combine Roguelike elements with the open worlds the studio has become known for.

It was previously announced during Xbox June 2021 that Avalanche was working in partnership with Xbox Game Studios on a new cooperative open-world game called Smuggling. Although not much is known about Smugglingthe trailer and announcement confirmed that it will focus on smuggling in the fictional 1970s world of Bayan, and feature an open world similar to those seen in the studio’s other titles, such as just cause, Rageand the filled Easter egg madmax Game.


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Now it looks like Avalanche was working on another huge project at the same time: an open-world fantasy medieval title called Ravenbound: Tales from Avalt. The news came from a leak by Shaun Weber (Going through. Computer) which indicated that Ravenbound had been worked under the code name Jackdaw and would see players take control of one of three types of “Raven’s shiptasked with freeing the lands of Avalt from invaders. The Weber leaks also revealed some information about game mechanics, with the “Ships“able to transform into crows to explore the lands above and plan their attacks in the same way players were able to take control of eagles in the recent Assassin’s Creed securities.

Just as gamers would expect Roguelike games of the underworld, Ravenbound: Tales from Avalt will apparently have permadeath, with players having to start a new game with a new ship each time they are defeated. While mechanics like permadeath aren’t new to the gaming world, they’ve become popular again lately in games such as underworld for their added challenge and the sense of accomplishment players get when they finally complete the game. Permadeath would do RavenboundScouting crow mode is essential, as players should plan their attack in advance to ensure the best chance of survival.

Although the Shaun Weber leaks are currently unconfirmed by Avalanche Studios, they have started to attract attention. Applying the Roguelike genre of gameplay and storytelling to the massive open worlds the studio is known for could create a challenging yet immersive experience if the rumors surrounding Ravenbound: Tales from Avalt turn out to be true.

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Sources: Shaun Weber/Twitter (via. Computer)

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