Krafton is working on a great fantasy game based on a popular Korean fantasy novel

PUBG developer Krafton has revealed that he is working on an untitled project based on the popular Korean fantasy series, The Bird That Drinks Tears, written by Yeongdo Lee. The four-part series is considered one of the forerunners of the Korean fantasy genre and revolves around the history of the Human, Rekkon, and Tokebi races as they work together to thwart the nefarious plans of a fourth race called the Nhaga. .

“The Nhaga, one of the most unique races in this universe, occupy the southern half of the world through a massive war that occurred in the past, and lead a reclusive culture without interacting with the other three races ever since” , reads the game’s upcoming official website. “Then, suddenly, by a certain collaborator of Nhaga, a chilling plot that Nhaga is planning is revealed.”

“Now the three races of the North, according to a proverb older than dirt “Three handfuls of one”, must create a rescue team consisting of a scout, a vanquished and a magician, jump into the jungles of Nhaga and save the collaborator.”

Krafton has been working on the game’s overall design for two years, and has hired world-renowned Hollywood concept artist Iain McCaig to help them realize their vision as the project’s design director. McCaig has worked on several award-winning films, including The Avengers, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Terminator.

“The Bird That Drinks Tears is unlike any other fantasy story I’ve read, with new ways to explore human nature. That’s what appeals to me the most,” McCaig said. It’s an epic on par with Lord of the Rings or Dune. The fantasy world is fresh and visceral, blending traditional archetypes with totally original dream and nightmare imagery. I was working on my own projects at the time;s “Engaging with that meant putting them all aside. It had to be something incredibly special for me to do that. Turns out it was.”

The Bird That Drinks Tears game recently went into full production, so it’s going to be a long time before we can see it. Based on Krafton’s job postings for the project, it also looks like it will be a single-player game. But, you never know if Krafton might decide to add any kind of multiplayer functionality in the future. In the meantime, the official site is now live with some concept art for your perusal.

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