Let’s Fantasy Book The Futures of the June 2021 WWE Releases


This week, WWE announced another installment in its seemingly weekly layoffs and layoffs series, offering the most surprising group of names yet. Among the six talents released from their WWE contracts were former Universal Champion Braun Strowman and Aleister Black, who had recently been repackaged and remade on television.

It’s easy to lament how wasted potential megastars are in WWE, but the wrestling industry has changed over the past couple of years. There are several promotions from around the world competing for fan attention, and each of the newly released stars would do very well – and not just All Elite Wrestling – so let’s imagine booking the next career steps in the latest new free agents. in professional wrestling.

Ruby Riott: celebrity

Ruby riott

Riott had a tragically short NXT run before embarking on a main career that seemed to culminate in “all-star jobber” and could use a post-WWE stint to reintroduce the world to her former character, Heidi Lovelace. AEW’s Women’s Division has yet to fully capitalize on ex-WWE talents like the Men’s Division, and while it would be a boon to this company, it would be amazing to see them return to Japan World Wonder Ring Stardom and rebuild some of the credit that WWE destroyed.

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Lovelace only fought for Stardom for a few months in 2015, so she would have a new set of Joshi talents to work with, including figures like Giulia, Maika, and Utami Hayashishita. Given that she spent those months as a member of the Oedo Tai faction, there is an obvious place for her if she were to return to Stardom.

Buddy Murphy: NJPW

buddy murphy

Former Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy was someone who wasn’t really on the fan radar until his post-NXT run, where he showed an obvious love for New Japan Pro Wrestling on 205 live imitating the movements of guys like Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi while trying to give in to Tony Nese’s face.

Given that, the most promising move for Murphy would be showing up at New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he could eventually tear him up in the Junior Heavyweight division before moving on to the bigger weight classes. It’s hard not to see him join CHAOS and fill the Will Ospreay shaped hole in Kazuchika Okada’s heart.

Santana Garrett: Impact wrestling

Santana garrett

Despite a few appearances in NXT and on the occasional main roster show during the pandemic era – not to mention the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble – Santana Garrett had never gained the attention one would expect for a 12-year-old veteran who had been signed to WWE since 2019. It’s easy to imagine Garrett stepping forward and rebuilding a television wrestling career starting with AEW Dark, but it sounds too much like his WWE run.

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On the contrary, it might be better if she could take Deonna Purrazzo’s path and perform for Impact Wrestling. The Knockouts division is packed with talent like Jordynne Grace and Rosemary, but isn’t so big that Garrett would be lost in the reshuffle.

Aleister Black: AEW

Aleister Black

It’s important to resist the “__ should go to AEW” jerk every time a talented WWE star comes out, but sometimes the more obvious choice is actually the best. While New Japan would be tempting because Aleister Black (now back to his Tommy End ring name) is equally theatrical in his presentation, he’s basically an independent guy that WWE couldn’t figure out despite his skills on the ring and a slam dunk gimmick.

The biggest statement to make would be to debut for AEW and show everyone what they’ve been missing out on. Perhaps End could come in and attempt a hostile takeover of The Dark Order and bring them back to their dark origins, or establish his own creepy faction to oppose it. Serpentico, Luther, and Ryzin seem to be able to use someone to lead them. Or maybe Christopher Daniels was the Dark Father from the start.

Lana: AEW


There is probably an army of smarks who would suggest that Lana (aka CJ Perry) should take a trip to Tokyo Joshi Pro or Ice Ribbon to improve her skills in the ring, but honestly, there is no sense in separating her from. Miro. Despite WWE’s various and repeated attempts to pull them apart, Lana and Miro performed best as a duo, with Lana functioning as a manager who could now also step into the ring if needed.

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Therefore, AEW is the place to go for old Lana. And given her enthusiasm and determination to train and improve as a wrestler, there’s always a possibility that CJ Perry will shoot a Tay Conti and actually thrive in a new environment.

Braun Strowman: Japan

Braun strowman

If there’s one wrestler in this group who thinks there’s already a countdown to a surprise return to WWE, it’s Braun Strowman. It’s hard NOT to imagine “The Monster Among Men” returning to SummerSlam to stage a surprise attack on Roman Reigns amid the sounds of the train, but imagine a better world where Strowman sets out on a quest to cross the best murderers. of the struggle. Some might assume that means wiping out Shingo and Ishii in New Japan, but let’s not forget the big boys from All Japan Pro Wrestling and Big Japan Pro Wrestling.

AJPW is not as popular in the West as NJPW, but offers matches so stiff and punchy that they would make Strong Style fans blush, while BJW is better known as the Deathmatch promotion but also offers a More traditional heavyweight list called the Strong Division. Strowman as a gaijin monster heel in Japan appears to be licensed to print money, and collisions with stationary objects like Zeus, Daisuke Sekimoto, and triple crown champion Suwama are far too promising to resist.

WWE Outings Provide Opportunity For These Wrestlers

Obviously, these are all ideal scenarios based on how each wrestler was introduced to WWE, and assume all of these artists want to continue their wrestling careers. That said, it should be clear that there are all kinds of career paths any of them could take in pro wrestling – some of which can completely defy expectations.

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