Maidenhead’s Mother’s ‘Fantastic’ Book hits a sore spot today


When Clara Loveman wrote to him first book Crowns of Crowns two years ago, she imagined dramatic fictional situations to challenge her heroine – including a dangerous virus sweeping the world and a background of political activism.

Two years later, with a pandemic affecting everyone’s lives and Black Lives Matter dominating the headlines, his book couldn’t be more timely. But getting it published was another matter.

Clara, 38, who lives in Castle Hill in Maidenhead with her husband Chris and son Charlie, five, said: “I had acquired two agents. Things looked promising but everything is moving so slowly in the world. of the edition he was looking for as if it would be in 2022 before it happened, at a time when the book suddenly seemed to reflect what was happening now. ”

So she took the plunge and self-edited.

Clara was born in Nairobi and is the proud holder of British and Kenyan citizenship. She came here 20 years ago to study, holds a master’s degree in public health and a position as head of access and strategy for an international pharmaceutical company.

Her novel is a romantic fantasy with elements of science fiction as a girl from a noble family falls in love with a handsome and intelligent man from the “lower orders” as disease and potential rebellion stalk her world.

Clara said: “I started out thinking it would be on earth, but I decided to leave some empty space. It’s a world where the rich are in control and live in a bubble, which also seems to mirror our world. now. It’s weird. ”

Clara says she wrote her first story at 13. But studies, a career and a family intervened.

Then the desire to write reappeared.

She said: “I feel in unison when I write. I feel like this is what I should be doing.

“The stories kept coming to me and I knew it was a passion that wouldn’t stop.

“I’ve already written a sequel to Crown of Crowns.”

You can find his book on Independent, Ingram Spark as a paperback or eBook – ISBN: 9781838062330.

Price: £ 9.99 PB £ 4.99 EB

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