Minnesota Vikings Partners With SharpLink For Pass Or Play Fantasy Game

the Minnesota Vikings professional National football league franchise will work with the technology solutions provider SharpLink game to start an online fantasy Skip or play the game on the Vikings app. The announcement was made yesterday by SharpLink.

The New Vikings Pass or Game

Players can play the Pass or Play game through the official Minnesota Vikings phone app or the official franchise website. As a fantastic game, Pass or Play will allow users to build a custom squad every week. Players will receive three cards for each position. Cards are dealt in a row – by seeing the first card, and players can decide whether to play it or pass it. If they are successful, the second card is revealed, and so on. If a player passes all three cards in one of the positions, he will receive a new card the next day.

Players earn points just like in a traditional fantasy game. The top three players of the week will receive various awards, provided by the Minnesota Vikings and the application sponsor Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel.

The app will benefit greatly from SharpLink’s cutting-edge technology solutions, as the company has extensive experience working for the sports and betting industries. Its clever and well-designed tools make it easy for sports fans to discover sports betting and enrich their experience. SharpLink has a state-of-the-art AI system that tailors personalized betting offers to each of its players.

Engage the Minnesota Vikings fan base

CEO of SharpLink, Rob phythian, spoke about the partnership and the need to deliver the best fantasy-style games to sports fans in the United States.

“With over 60 million Americans actively playing fantasy-style free games and contests online last year, real-time digital sports gamification has become a must-have fan engagement tool for media publishers. sportsmen, leagues and teams, ”he explained.

Phythian pointed out that SharpLink has over 15 years of experience in the field of fantastic games. With its in-depth knowledge in the field, the company specializes in providing entertainment that brings fans and teams together.

Finally, Phythian added that since sports betting is not yet legalized in Minnesota, it is important to create other “innovative and fun gaming experiences” for fans of the soccer team.

Executive Director of Digital Media and Innovation for the Minnesota Vikings, Scott kegley, is delighted to bring the Pass or Play game to franchise fans and engage them even more in the days before the team takes to the field.

Kegley is pleased to be working with SharpLink for the third year in a row. He thinks Pass or Play is a great deal for Minnesota Vikings fans.

“It’s a game that we believe is the best in its class, combining luck and skill and engaging our fans who are looking for this type of gaming experience.”

Minnesota Vikings fans can download the mobile app or go to the team’s site to play.

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