NFT Fantasy Game Sorare will score ‘big’ with Messi


  • Messi has signed his third contract in the crypto industry.
  • Previous contract that the star accepted.
  • The co-founder says this will open new windows for the growth of their organization.

The deal is done

Seven times Ballon d’Or, legendary footballer, Lionel Messi has collaborated with Sorare, a game of French origin, which uses blockchain technology based on Ethereum.

He is now a brand ambassador and investor. The NFT trading game company was founded by Adrien Montfort and Nicolas Julia in Paris in 2018.

The striker is a South American player born in Argentina, who plays for European club Paris Saint Germain. From the perspective of the NFT crypto trading gaming platform, Messi will help them raise the bar in several ways fans relate to sports personalities and the most “admired” game.

In March 2022, Lionel Messi signed a three-year contract to act as a global brand ambassador for decentralized crypto sports app The platform was among the first in the world to launch fan voting and reward platforms backed by blockchain technology.

Moreover, the second richest footballer in the world has finalized a $20 million deal and will be promoting Socios to his 361 million social media followers. Additionally, last month, the global soccer superstar partnered with another company Bitget, a crypto exchange.

However, in the month of October, the soccer superstar also partnered with another crypto company, Bitget, a crypto exchange. Messi and Bitget will score a goal together to achieve the goal of film production and expand the framework beyond that of the football and crypto industry.

Attend at the right time

Former Starred Barcelona side Lionel fame has officially announced that the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar will be his last to play from his country Argentina. Moreover, both his fierce rival and best friend, Cristiano Ronaldo has also publicly admitted that this upcoming FIFA 2022 is his last.

Other top players like Luis Suarez, Robert Lawandowski, Luka Modric, etc. will also give their careers in international football a permanent break.

These factors will make fans and crazy football lovers hold their breath and see their favorite football stars in the FIFA final. This sentiment will also result in huge participation in crypto soccer-related NFTs.

Messi recently launched his own sports technology investment company, Play Time Sports. The company has already made its initial investments in Gaming Venture and the AC Momento jersey marketplace.

Messi also took a stake in Sorare as part of the deal. CEO and co-founder of Sorare, Nicolas Julia, has claimed that the collaboration with the footballing legend will prove very profitable for the company.'
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