Outer Banks star joins new Netflix fantasy movie starring Joey King

Joey King may only be 22, but the actress is already under a lucrative development deal with Netflix, which will see her produce and star in a number of film and TV projects through her All the King’s Horses banner. .

One of the first titles on the agenda is the fantasy film Ugly, and it’s impossible to guess what demographic it is addressing when you consider King’s involvement, title, and the fact External banks Star Chase Stokes became the latest name to board the set.

According to Deadline, the story takes place in a world where everyone is forced to conform to society’s beauty ideals by undergoing surgery at the age of sixteen that makes them look pretty. King will play Tally Youngblood in the literary adaptation, which is directed by charlie’s angels, Terminator Hi and The babysitterit’s McG.

external banks

The war of tomorrowby Keith Powers and the I know what you did last summer Biranne Tju from the TV show also joined the cast, and it would be fair to say that none of these people need to undergo some sort of cosmetic surgery to make them more pleasing to the eyes.

King is already a big draw on Netflix after headlining The kissing booth trilogy, while Stokes External banks has been a runaway success, so Uglies is already guaranteed to attract a significant following every time it comes to the platform.

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