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Nobuo Uematsu makes the music

At The Cygames Next event, Cygames (developer of Granblue Fantasy, an immensely popular mobile RPG in Japan) has announced that it is working with Platinum Games to develop the upcoming Granblue Fantasy Game, Granblue Fantasy Re Project: Link.

No platform has been officially announced for the action-RPG, but it looks like it will be available on PC. I’ll be honest, I’m not really into mobile games, but I can give it a try if it’s for PC or current gen consoles.

With games like Final Fantasy Mobius, it seems phones are becoming capable of better and better graphics quality, but small screens, batteries, and control schematics continue to be barriers to entry, if I can redefine the phrase just this times.

A new title was also announced at the event, Alarm clock project. This game was also introduced via a teaser without any platform or release date information. Cygames opened a development studio in Osaka in 2015 with the goal of working on a PlayStation 4 game. This team is probably working on at least one of these games.

Granblue Fantasy hasn’t released outside of Japan, but with a large-scale (not mobile) game I’m ready to try any new role-playing game. Especially if you tell me that it is being worked on by Platinum Games and the score is made by Nobuo Uematsu.

[Via Gematsu, Link #2]

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