PlayStation Now Adds Final Fantasy Game Every Month


A big plus of PlayStation Now is the number of games it offers. There are over 800 games offered in some markets, and among these is a great selection of RPGs. Now, however, some of the best JRPGs in history are heading to the streaming service in the coming months. That’s right, we get a classic Final fantasy each month on PlayStation Now, starting with the original version of Final fantasy 7 (not the remake), which will join PS Now on September 7.

The Final fantasy the month-long program on PlayStation Now continues with the next three Final fantasy games – which are FF8 (the remastered version, coming October 5), FF9 (November 9) and the HD remaster of FF10 (which includes both FF10 and 10-2, coming December 7). He then jumps FF11, because this is an online MMO only, and goes straight to the updated version of FF12, entitled Zodiac age, which will arrive on PS Now on January 4, 2022.

PlayStation Now is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as PC. It’s no longer the only streaming service in the console space, as Microsoft has announced plans to bring its Project xCloud streaming platform to Xbox consoles. The main element behind this service is that it is included in your Xbox Game Pass subscription, while PlayStation Now (at present) is still a separate subscription to PlayStation Plus.

What do you think of this news that PlayStation Now will receive a Final fantasy game every month for the next few months? Which one is your favorite Final fantasy in the upcoming lineup? Or is your favorite one of the previous or later games in the series? One of the 2Ds, maybe? What’s your favorite game on the streaming service? Let us know all of this and more in the comments below.

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