PS5-exclusive Final Fantasy game said to be inspired by Dark Souls


The PS5-exclusive Final Fantasy title that would currently be revealed during Square Enix’s upcoming E3 show is said to be inspired by Dark Souls.

The currently popular PlayStation 5 exclusive Final fantasy we now say that the game has Dark souls– inspired gameplay and will come from Nioh Developer Team Ninja. The rumor that a brand new Final fantasy title will head exclusively to the PlayStation 5 was initially revealed by a well-known insider, who said fans can expect at least one more major Final fantasy announcement during Square Enix’s next presentation at E3 2021, along with expected information on upcoming titles in the series that fans are already aware of.

These well-known titles include Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Not much is currently known about Final Fantasy 16, the next main entrance to the mainline, making it one of the most anticipated titles to cover during Square Enix’s E3 2021 showcase. On the other hand, Final Fantasy XIV recently hosted its Fan Fest event in Japan, where the company revealed new information about the Endwalker expansion. And with FF7 Remake Intergrade Set to release in the same month as E3, fans also expect to hear more about the second installment in the remake.

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As for the other rumored PS5 Final fantasy title, trusted leaker Navtra has now revealed more info on what kind of game it could be (thanks, Wccftech), while YouTuber Souls Hunt claims that Nio. After ResetEra users started speculating on the genre of the next Final fantasy game, Navtra revealed that he will be inspired by Dark souls or Soulslike games. They make it clear that while it’s inspired by the genre popularized by FromSoftware’s action RPG series, it’s not exactly what fans would typically visualize when they think of a Soulslike title. So if the rumors prove to be correct, the rest to be revealed Final fantasy the game could feature gameplay elements drawn from both Soulslike and recent Final fantasy securities.

This is in line with a separate claim by YouTuber Souls Hunt, which suggests that the so-called Origins of Final Fantasy is developed by Team Ninja. Notably, this studio is known for its Soulslike series Nioh. If this part of the leak is also true, Team Ninja seems like a rational choice for such a venture. However, it should be noted that Team Ninja is a division of Koei Tecmo, so she and Square Enix should be on board with a Final fantasy spin off.

Although there was no entry into the Final fantasy A franchise that can be categorized as Soulslike, the series has slowly moved away from the turn-based combat it has become popular for, potentially opening up more genre possibilities. 2016 Final Fantasy XV featured more action-oriented combat, and even combat in FF7 Remake has been reorganized into a similar system. Square Enix even said that Final Fantasy XVI will also be action-oriented.

A Soulslike Final fantasy title would certainly be a massive departure from what the franchise has become known for, even now. But with all the new things Square Enix has tried with its recent Final fantasy releases, a genre spinoff could help new fans familiarize themselves with the franchise.

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Sources: Navtra / Resetera, Souls Hunt / YouTube (via Wccftech)

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