PUBG devs create ‘ambitious’ new fantasy game based on Korean novel, The Bird That Drinks Tears


PUBG developer Krafton has announced a new game based on the Korean fantasy book, The Bird That Drinks Tears.

Krafton says it’s an “ambitious project” that “aims to bring the original fantasy universe of The Bird That Drinks Tears to life through its unique and refreshing fantasy races, its hauntingly beautiful landscapes and its captivating, immersive and poignant stories”.

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“The Tear-Drinking Bird is a novel series that was created and written by Yeong-do Lee, who is widely recognized as the pioneer of the Korean fantasy genre,” Krafton explains. “As one of Korea’s best-selling fantasy authors with millions of copies sold, Mr. Lee is an exceptionally imaginative writer who constructs elaborate worlds and fills them with complex characters.”

In the meantime, Krafton is building interest and hopes to “recruit the world’s top talent to help realize its ambitious vision” and join “renowned concept artist” Iain McCaig in bringing the project to life.

“At Krafton, our passion is to tell exciting and meaningful stories through the art of video games,” the studio states. “From personal and unique battlefield stories, to rich fantasy worlds, to the dark and gritty horrors of space, we want to create worlds that push the boundaries of creativity and immersion.”

PUBG creator Krafton announced that he has “entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Naver Z to develop a new Web 3.0 and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project”.

This project will aim to build an “NFT metaverse platform”, with Krafton using his experience creating games such as PUBG to “develop user-generating content [UGC] authoring tool”. The company will use Unreal Engine to build a “high-quality virtual world”.

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