PUBG studio is said to be making a fantastic game that looks like a Korean witcher


Update – July 29, 2021: Krafton commented on his “Windless Project”

Krafton told us that, “while [it] admire obviously[s] The multimedia success of The Witcher, it was actually select members of the media “who made the comparison between the multimedia franchise inspired by the studio’s novel and The Witcher. The studio also says that “The Bird That Drinks Tears is an incredible intellectual property that features an in-depth story and an incredible new world,” and that it “sees[s] the immense value and untapped potential of intellectual property, and there are many opportunities to extend this intellectual property through a variety of media – not just games ”. However, it still looks like the media project could still have similar appeal to The Witcher series based on what has been revealed so far. The original story follows.

Earlier this year, PUBG developer and publisher Krafton announced that he would expand a Korean fantasy novel titled The Bird That Drinks Tears into a “multimedia franchise,” bringing acclaimed Hollywood concept artist Iain McCaig to the show. ‘help bring it to life. Beyond that, nothing was known of what the studio was up to other than its codename “Project Windless”, but now it looks like Krafton has a fantastic game in the works that would look like a “Korean witcher.”

PUBG’s playerIGN dataminer reported on a Krafton press conference held today – and in the South Korean language, it seems – on Twitter, and one of the topics that seems to have been covered is this IP inspired by the fantasy novel.

PlayerIGN reports that a game has been announced inspired by The Bird That Drinks Tears, and that – in the same way that CD Projekt Red did with Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher IP – Krafton seeks to extend this game to other media – for example , cinema and comics, according to the tweet. According to a follow-up tweet, this mysterious game could be a one-player dark fantasy RPG, and in another PlayerIGN report, Krafton described this title as “Korean Witcher.”

It should be noted that this is not confirmed at this time, but we have reached out to Krafton for comment as well as more information on this game, for example if it will arrive in Western markets. For now, however, the prospect of another great fantasy adventure inspired by an extremely popular novel (Krafton previously said the book has sold “millions of copies”) is pretty exciting.

Elsewhere at the press conference, it appears Krafton has revealed more details of other goodies in the works, such as a new survival game called “PUBG Cowboy,” a kind of project codenamed Titan, and release windows for the upcoming PUBG mobile game. : New survival horror and state game The Callisto Protocol (October 2022 apparently, although, again, this is yet to be confirmed).

For now, be sure to check out our preview of upcoming PC games to keep an eye on the weather. We’ll update this story if we hear from Krafton.

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