Radar Pictures is developing TV adaptation of Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar fantasy book series


Radar Pictures has announced that it has secured the screen rights to Mercedes Lackey Valdemar literary universe and is working on a television adaptation of the fantasy book series.

Laquais Valdemar the series has covered 58 books over three decades, and the potential series will be based on The last herald-mage trilogy, composed of Pawn of magic, Price of magic and The promise of magic. It is written and produced by Kit Williamson (East Side) and Brittany Cavallaro (Charlotte holmes).

“I have hoped for decades that The last herald-mage would be suitable for television, ”Lackey said. “Now that Radar has chosen the trilogy, I am almost breathless with excitement! I couldn’t have chosen a better organization to take charge of my work, and Kit and Bri, the producers, absolutely know both their work and the material. I like the fact that it’s a long series: episodic television gives history all the space it needs. I hope our fans will be as excited to see their favorite characters come to life as I am.

The series is produced by Ted Field of Radar Pictures, whose credits include the Jumanji and Riddick franchises, as well as the next The wheel of time series.


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