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Naughty Dog may be working on a fantastic new game and it looks like Hyoung Nam, lead concept artist at Naughty Dog, might be teasing us.

Concept art was posted on Mr. Nam’s Artistic profile about two months ago with this statement: “Take inspiration from a new game. You know what I’m talking about …”

Now, before we get too excited, this might just be some random fan art inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn or another game already released. There is hope that the studio will bring a new adventure to fans for the PlayStation 5 and it would make perfect sense, the studio has been working on the Unexplored and The last of us series for quite some time now.

Imagine how amazing a fantasy style game would be from a studio like Naughty Dog! The emotional and action-packed storytelling with the graphic power of the PS5 is a perfect match.

When we know more about the game we’ll let you know, but until then we can only hope!

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