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On the heels of Matchday 11, there is an almost full set of midweek meetings, with only Arsenal and Manchester City not taking part.

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) deadline may have passed, but there is still time for team sheets from Brighton and Hove Albion, Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest and Wolves before submitting a SPITCH line-up.

This fantastic new fantasy game effectively gives you a Free Hit Token to play each week. Plus, since you’re only judged on your best five matchdays of the season, accidentally missing a round of matches isn’t a problem.

There are two one-season options for 2022/23, one of which is free and has a £2,500 prize pool.


SPITCH is a platform where managers can use their football knowledge to defeat others and win cash prizes.

As with the FPL, managers commit to training and have a budget to buy players for their line-up, with the goal of scoring points and winning prizes.

But unlike FPL, managers can actually go over or over their budget by ₵1,200 – this will determine how many pluses or minuses they start the round with.

Each week of the “Season” mode requires a new formation without a captain. Managers are allowed up to nine players from the same club and can change teams during the day. “Safety Net” automatically replaces non-runners, while a sophisticated scoring system rewards defensive actions in a way FPL does not.


These are the best players of the last series of games.

Raya (455) Diop (452) Mount (645) Kane (535)
Guaita (435) Tarkowski (429) Rice (520) Sinisterra (451)
Alison (432) Salisu (342) Mac Allister (504) Tony (443)
Kepa (411) Die (303) Packet (477) Mitrovic (374)
Fabiansky (328) Chariot (302) Caicedo (444) Scamaka (359)
Gehi (300) Odegaard (437) Yarns (340)
Doherty (295) Lerma (395) Engineers (326)
Soak (281) Madison (366) Solanka (321)
Perrault (279) March (339) Benrahma (307)
justin (272) Tavern (335) Anthony (291)

Meanwhile, 22 players finished with a negative score, of which the 13 attackers were “headlined” by Jamie Vardy (-62).

The introduction of downtime Trent Alexandre-Arnold was still long enough to get -16 points but that was nothing compared to Wolves midfield Joe Hodge. Also brought in for the briefest of cameos, his foul and yellow card led to -43 points. A remarkable performance.


The Round 11 selection netted 2,559 points, finishing a disappointing 1,506th.

Ruben Neves scored from midfield but only netted 307. Arsenal Bukayo Saka (239) scored the only goal at Elland Road but, such is the nature of SPITCH, was outplayed by the FPL whites of Luis Sinisterra (451), Lucas Paqueta (477) and many more.

Martin Odegaard (437) and Harry Kane (535) were successes but the clean sheets of Nick Pope (118), Matt Doherty (295) and Diogo Dalot (201) means nothing in this game.

Another 3-3-4 formation this time, with a starting point of 146 thanks to ₵146 under budget. Truth be told, without any Manchester City or Arsenal Matchday 12 assets, it would have been difficult to use all of the ₵1,200.

Everton and England Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford (₵81) is selected due to the second most saves (38) and against Newcastle United – the team with the fourth most attempted goals (152). Logically, the stops should be linked, earning 40 points each time.

This back three includes Doherty’s Attack Armament (₵61) and Kieran Trippier (₵77). The Spurs wing-back certainly seems to be in Antonio Conte’s good books.

“About Matthew, honestly I’m really happy, really happy. He played a good game against Brighton but today he played better than the last game. He played well in the last game and I was there. happy too but today I saw the Matt Doherty from last season again. I was really happy and I said to him ‘finally now you are the player that I know!’.

As for Trippier, he is on a streak of five successive FPL returns and has only shut out twice this season. He has provided the most crosses (18 points) and corners (12 points) of any player so far, with James Ward-Prowse (₵90) second best for both. On Southampton’s penalty shootout, the midfielder is about to try Bournemouth’s back line.

from Liverpool Virgil van Dijk (₵168) doesn’t get the same attacking hype as teammates Trent Alexander-Arnold (₵120) and Andrew Robertson (₵92) but neither defender has more shots from inside the penalty area. Moreover, his 721 assists are the best among all players participating in Round 12.

Two of the weekend’s top scorers are backed to repeat their exploits. mason mount (₵101) assisted twice on Matchday 10, before scoring a brace on Sunday. Meanwhile, Alexis MacAllister (₵74) ranks fourth in the league in tackles won, is on penalties and will face Nottingham Forest at home.

Mohammad Salah (₵160) is about to begin a journey of redemption in the eyes of Fantasy managers, while Aleksandar Mitrovic (₵128) is back from injury and has a chance to add even more misery to Steven Gerrard and Aston Villa.

The front line is completed by Callum Wilson (₵49) – who has six goals and 43 FPL points in his last four meetings with Everton – and Dominique Solanke (₵65). Bournemouth’s main man has scored six goals in the last five games and is set to face the only team yet to pick up a clean sheet.


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