Surprising Final Fantasy Game Gets Animated Series


This isn’t the first time that “Final Fantasy” has been adapted for another medium, although Kidscreen reports that it marks the first time that the ninth game will be made into an animated series aimed at children. Why “Final Fantasy 9?”

In case it’s been a while since you’ve played the game (it was last released on Switch in 2019), here’s the plot: protagonist Zidane and the noble (but flight-oriented) troop of Tantalus theater kidnap Princess Garnet / Dagger, who turns out to be a willing victim. She and her personal guard, Adelbert Steiner, fall with Zidane as they seek to defeat an evil force that wants to destroy their world. We’re talking about war, crystals, monsters, clones, airships, armies of dark mages, and the kind of twists, music, and charm that make up the quintessential charm of “Final Fantasy”.

“Final Fantasy 9” was a throwback to the franchise’s dominant medieval fantasy roots, after the previous two games adopted even more modern themes than usual (the games still mixed tech and fantasy, but we’re talking realism. modern and science steampunk. fi here). Other games in the series have also become fan favorites, but this one “has its own style and energy that hasn’t quite been done before or since,” said VG24 / Alex Donaldson / 7 in 2020. He attributed this to a diverse development team. and it’s the latest title in the franchise to be guided by the vision of series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. “After this game there was a shift towards a real focus on the latest visual technology and cinematic presentation,” he said.

It will be interesting to find out how Cyber ​​Group deals with the big themes of “Final Fantasy 9” – like life, death, identity and existentialism – and how it translates them into a family TV series.

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