The fantasy movie on TV: “Hercules –


The fantastic movie tonight on TV: “Hercules – The Warrior” Thursday September 16, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. on Nov.

Hercules: the warrior (Hercules) is a 2014 film directed and co-produced by Brett Ratner, starring Dwayne Johnson as Hercules, Ian McShane, John Wounded, Rufus Sewell and Irina Shayk.

Hercules, in legend a demigod son of Zeus but in reality an Athenian orphan, mortal but endowed with superhuman strength, returning from the twelve labors entrusted to him by the king of Mycenae Eurystheus to atone for the massacre of his own family, leads a group of loyal and expert mercenaries: the ironic Argian diviner Anfiarao, the Spartan thief Autolico, the Scythian Amazon Atalanta and the savage and taciturn Theban Tideo, as well as his nephew Iolao, promoter of the hero and singer of his exploits . Hercules and his companions are hired by King Cotys to end a bloody civil war in the lands of Thrace. The enemy that the aged monarch indicates to the hero is Reso, at the head of a powerful and numerous army which plunder and devastate his kingdom and which would be formed by the mythological figures of the centaurs.

Hercules, who is tormented by the memory of the extermination of his wife Megara and his children, briefly leads the army of King Cotys and the ensuing battle against the Bessi, initially allies of Thrace but later “plagiarized” By Reso at will, shows that despite the victory, the Thracian army is still inexperienced. The mercenary, meanwhile, meets the king’s daughter, Ergenia, also a widow, and his son Areo, a great admirer of his actions, but the torment he carries within him pushes him to keep them at a distance.

The Thracian army, under the expert leadership of the mercenary group, soon becomes a well-organized and well-armed army and, in the ensuing battle against Reso’s army, is victorious. The heads of the enemy army are brought in chains to Thrace and here the captured king makes Hercules doubt the side he has decided to defend. The mercenary soon discovers that Cotys is in fact a vile power-hungry usurper who didn’t hesitate to kill his daughter’s husband to keep the throne and allied himself with Eurystheus, who once Hercules was captured with his companions in weapons, reveals that he is the real instigator of the extermination of his family, carried out by three huge and voracious wolves.


Hercules, now a prisoner of Cotys and chained in the dungeons of his palace, frees himself from his inner demons and, after eliminating the three wolves who killed his family, frees his companions and, with their help, first kills Eurystheus, then Cotys and his general. In the final battle, thanks also to the sacrifice of his faithful Tideo, Hercules manages to save both Ergenia and Areo, and is then recognized as the only true leader by the Thracian army.

Direction by Brett Ratner

With: Dwayne johnson, Ian McShane, John Wounded, Rufus Sewell and Irina Shayk



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