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With the popularity of big-budget, high-profile fantasy shows popping up everywhere lately, streaming services seem to be looking for the next one. the Lord of the Rings Where Game Of Thrones to fill this void. Show as The witcher and the next one Wheel of time, the Lord of the Rings, and the Game Of Thrones The prequel will hopefully continue to provide great epic fantasy entertainment. There are many other fantastic book series that are often overlooked by the bigger series, but they deserve the same, if not more, recognition as the bigger show caps. These series could also make great screen adaptations of the book, like some of the others. Considering the state of the world right now, we could all take a break and dive into a fantasy world where our issues don’t seem so bad.

Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Universe

It’s safe to say that Tolkin is the greatest fantasy writer ever. As his novels are constantly being discovered by new readers and films based on his novels are incredibly successful, his work will continue to influence indefinitely. He was able to create a wonderfully fleshed out world with enduring characters. That being said, Brandon Sanderson may be the Tolkin of this generation, beating George RR Martin.

His version of Middle-earth, the Cosmeriae, consists of several series, including Born of the Mists and The Archie Stormlight with many more books to come in this 35 novel planned epic. His writing style is similar to that of Robert Jordan, with the series having similarities to The Wheel of time books. Looking beyond the incredible universe Sanderson has built, he creates enduring characters who invest you in their stories, creating remarkable and compelling novels. Like Tolkin, his work seems to stand the test of time and influence the genre in many ways as well.

Evan Winter’s Burning Series

Originally a self-published book that exploded into a mega-hit, the first novel in the series, Rage of the Dragons, recently joined the magazine of the time Top 100 best fantasy novels of all time. The novel takes the tropes of fantasy and mixes them with African mythology, creating a new and unique take on the genre. The story is hectic and packed with incredible action sequences that keep you on the edge of your seat. Feel like a combination of Gladiator and Game Of Thrones, genre fans will surely appreciate the breath of fresh air the novel offers, as well as everything you would expect from a fantasy novel.

Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Series

Originally a trilogy, the series has grown to include standalone novels, short stories, and a new trilogy set in the same universe. Fans of George RR Martin will appreciate Abercrombie’s take on the grimdark subgenre, building a dark and sinister world that is similar to, A song of ice and fire. Abercrombie’s writing style gives a different voice within the cluttered genre that feels fresh and original. With horrific violence, fantasy world building and a well-written story, The first law The series will hopefully captivate readers with its intense world.

Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher

Taking two of my favorite genres, the tough crime and the fantastic, the Dresden files follow Harry Dresden as he investigates mysterious crimes in today’s Chicago. Since the series currently has 17 novels, many traditional monsters have been explored, including vampires, werewolves, and spirits, while creating its own creatures. The fact that the series is set in today’s Chicago and that the series is detective fiction sets the books apart from others in the genre. Although they have 17 books so far, the novels read quickly compared to other fantasy novels and are easy to read between the great fantasy epics.

Pierce Brown Red Rising Series

A question that is asked by Red climb fans is whether or not the series is considered fantastic. The series is technically dystopian science fiction and is compared to other outstanding works like Ender’s match Where Dune. However, Red climb has many fantastic elements that make it feel qualified enough to be considered fantasy as well.

The series takes place on Mars and follows humanity as it expands its colonization. Incorporating a class system similar to that seen in The hunger Games, humanity has divided society into a color system, reds being the lowest and golds the highest. The original trilogy follows the character of Darrow as he tries to infiltrate the elite gold class so that he can take them down. The sequel trilogy extends beyond Darrow’s perspective to explore the perspectives of other characters in the world. With commentaries on politics and class warfare, the series picks up great concepts, ideas and questions, bringing them into a fun and entertaining tale. All the elements of sci-fi, fantasy and dystopia blend together well to create a unique reading experience that fans of all three genres can enjoy.

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