VAMPIRELLA (1996) Reviews of a sci-fi fantasy film so bad it’s good


vampire is a 1996 American science fiction fantasy film about the titular character who travels to Earth to exact revenge on his murdered father

Directed and co-produced by Jim Wynorski (cobrager; Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre; Gila!; Piranhaconde; camel spiders; Dinocroc vs. Supergator; Goulies IV; Witch; The Wasp Woman 1995; Transylvania twist; Not from this land 1988; hash mall) from a screenplay written by Gary Gerani based on the comic book by Frank Frazetta and Trina Robbins and the character created by Forrest J. Ackerman. Produced by Paul Hertzberg and Angela Baynes. Executive produced by Roger Corman.

The Concorde/Sunset International Films co-production stars Talisa Soto, Roger Daltrey (The legacy; tommy), Richard Joseph Paul, Brian Bloom, Corinna Jones [Harney]Rusty Meyers, Lee de Broux, Tom Deters, Jack Zavorak and Lenny Juliano.

A new film adaptation of the comic book is apparently in development.



“Daltrey, who reportedly took the role because the late Keith Moon was a huge Vampi fan, is among the less impressive screen Draculas and, even sadder, comes across in his Jamie Blood act as an under-Austin Powers caricature. of himself. Full of bizarre concepts (a gun that projects artificial sunlight, hypodermic injections of holy water, vampires in protective suits modeled on planet of the vampires), it’s still too improvised to even qualify as a camp. Kim Newman’s website

“…relies on the occasional salaciousness in an attempt to overcome its stereotypical mid-’90s low-budget appearance. Sometimes it succeeds, but more often than not the film feels like the cheap quickie that it is.” There’s potential that he rarely cashes in, but you could do worse – there’s plenty of eye candy here and the whole thing is goofy enough to provide mindless fun. Rock! Shock! Popular!


“…a procession of delightful images of chewing gum cards and solidly staged backdrops. And while neat ex-Bond girl Talisa Soto might not suit the Vampirella costume with the kind of Amazonian curves she’s been asked to […] she unloads a quality performance somewhere between pathos, hard-as-nails @csr-kicking, and comedic, fish-out-of-water bewilderment as her alien neck-biter tries to get to grips with life on earth. The Schlock Pit

“It fails to make its protagonist stoic and seductive, and its villains menacing. I’m not one to complain about sexy outfits, but this one is beyond distracting. More importantly, Talisa Soto doesn’t look comfortable. She doesn’t seem comfortable in the role either. She’s not a great actress. Terror Tales

“The plot seems to consist of a series of scenes from the comic book series, regardless of whether or not they would work cinematically. Cheap, shoddy, and consciously campy without being fun or interesting, vampire is pushed a bit further into the pain zone by Daltrey…” TV Guide


“Average viewing if you’re able to control your brain, though it suffers from a lame finale (which has Daltrey running around in a Dracula cape). While Soto is fun to watch, despite his ugly latex costume and ample, if not a lot of acting. Nothing special.” video graveyard

Plot Synopsis [contains spoilers]:
Thirty centuries ago, on a distant planet called Drákulon, there is a society of civilized vampires who drink synthetic blood that flows through rivers across the planet. The harmony is interrupted when Vlad Tepish (Roger Daltrey), a rebellious vampire who prefers the traditional practice of sucking the blood of others, ends up, along with his accomplices, with all the members of the council of elders who rule Drákulon and flees. on Earth in order to create a race of vampires with their own ideals. Among the murdered Elders was Ella’s father, who, with a desire for revenge, decides to follow Vlad’s trail to Earth.

During her journey, she is forced to stay on Mars for a while, and in the meantime remains in deep lethargy. Long after, she is found by astronauts and taken to Earth. Upon her arrival, she immediately begins to do whatever she can to join Vlad, who is now in Las Vegas posing as a singer named Jamie Blood. In her haste, she coincides with a special police unit tasked with trapping alien beings who intend to damage the Earth.

At first, Ella, who now calls herself Vampirella, intends to continue her plan for revenge, but then allies herself with the special unit and must fight against Vlad and his vampires to stop humanity from being destroyed. transformed into a horde of vampires, although this implies that she violates her own principles of not drinking the blood of other beings.


Choice dialog:
vlad [Roger Daltrey]”And so, as my old friend William Shakespeare once said: ‘Good night, sweet prince.'”

Cast and characters:
Talisa Soto … Vampirella
Roger Daltrey … Vlad/Jamie Blood
Richard Joseph Paul … Adam Van Helsing
Brian Bloom … Demos
Corinne Jones [Harney] …Sallah
Rusty Meyers … Quinn
Lee de Broux … Lieutenant Walsh
Tom Deters … Traxx
Jack Zavorak … Captain Stryker
Lenny Juliano … Carlos
Anne Howard … mother-in-law
Angus Scrimm … Great Elder
Tyde Kierney … Adam’s father
David B. Katz … Forry Ackerman
Robert Clotworthy … Professor Steinman
John Landis … Astronaut #1 (Beard)
John Terlesky … Astronaut #2 (Thatch)
Toru Nagai … Mister Nakamuchi
Jay Kessler … Bring Back
Jeff Jay … Archie
Eric Randell … Matheson
Peggy Trentini… Vampire Girl #1
Antonia Dorian… Vampire Girl #2
Bret Davidson … Mr. Maurice
Patrick J. Statham … Guard Drakulon
Scott Stevensen… purging agent
John Oshima… purging agent
Anthony Hansen … Great Vampire
Thomas Case… Dark Vampire
Michael Harris … Former Drakulon
Hilary Halbert … Red-Headed Vampire

In 2013, director Jim Wynorksi said it was the only film he regretted making. “I can look back on it today and just say ‘Oh good’, but back when the memories were fresh and the blood on the floor hadn’t dried yet, it was a pain to edit,” a- he declared. “What went wrong??? Bad choice for star, massive union problems in Vegas, interference in studios, thefts, accidents, 112 degree heat, you name it, we brought in. But at least I got to see Soupy Sales play.

Film Facts:
A vampire film project had been in development for many years. Hammer Films had planned to make a film in the late 1970s with actresses such as Caroline Munro and Valerie Leon being considered for the title role. Hammer apparently nearly remade the film in 1978 with Barbara Leigh; Christopher Wicking wrote a script and John Hough was hired to direct. The film was going to be a co-production with American International Pictures but the deal fell through.

Forry Ackerman’s character has a poster for the Australian film Harlequin (1980) in his apartment.


Fight clip:

Currently unavailable on DVD or even VHS but on YouTube in poor quality

Suggested double billing:
life force (1985)

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