What your favorite Final Fantasy game says about you


While it might seem like most people seem to gravitate towards Final Fantasy 7 being the best game in the entire series, or even the best game ever, there are plenty of people who like the other entries more. The series has changed a lot over the years, giving way to many different types of fans.

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Some people may really like the hallways, others may enjoy sprawling adventures in a medieval fantasy setting, and some may enjoy it when the series becomes a bit more sci-fi with its fantasy elements. Wherever you are in the long list of possible games, your favorite says something about who you are, and you might not even know it.


Final Fantasy 1

You are a real gamer. You’ve probably played the whole series and grown up with the majority of them, but you always find yourself going back to the original. You’ve probably accessed a new form of existence and now only play the game in challenge races.

Who needs a well-rounded team when you can plod your way through the game with nothing but four white mages? That’s fine, you say, because not all stats work correctly. It was the first in the series, but it will always have its own unique charm.

Final Fantasy 10

Dubbing is essential in video games. Every Final Fantasy that’s come before can never achieve an entry like 10, because the story just isn’t quite as immersive. Any game that doesn’t take the time to include voice lines isn’t as good as a result.

Sure, most of the greatest video games of all time don’t have spoken lines of dialogue, but Final Fantasy 10 puts them to shame because it makes Tidus laugh. You can probably name every role Troy Baker has ever booked.

Final Fantasy 4

The Magus Sisters battle in Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster

You like to watch dramas. It’s fair to say that Final Fantasy is a drama series, but few are as dramatic as Final Fantasy 4. The game doesn’t just feature a single fake death, nearly every character in the group has one, or at least s are getting closer.

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Experiencing the dramatic relationships between Cecil and Rosa, and Cecil and Kain, are things that you find to be a joy. Cecil’s character arc may end entirely a third of the way through the game, but it’s real drama.

Final Fantasy 6

You don’t want to just go with the flow. To be average is to be below average for someone like you. Countless Final Fantasy games have come and gone since, and they all offered unique spins on the classic formula, but FF6 remained the best.

Who needs all those other Final Fantasy games with their amazing stories, superior graphics, and lovable characters you can suplex a train? And there aren’t many other people who can say something like that. Being in a world with Final Fantasy 6 would be your World Of Ruin.

Final Fantasy 15

You’ve always wanted your high school experience to feel like Ferris Bueller’s day off. Sure, Final Fantasy 15 has one of the most epic and exciting stories in the entire series, but you don’t care about that, you care about the friends that are made along the way.

Traveling around the world for dungeons with your friends by your side, staying in fancy hotels, and even cooking by the fire while camping to avoid the main plot of the game altogether seems like a good time.

Final Fantasy 2

The Black Knights have been fighting since the start of Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster

There’s a part of you that doesn’t like you. You might enjoy any other entry in the series more, but you prefer the one that is often considered the most difficult and requires the most grinding.

There aren’t many explanations why you would want to go through such a heartbreaking experience more than once, but you love the pain. Whether in its original form or remade, Final Fantasy 2 is a challenge not for the faint-hearted, and you wear that fact as a badge of honor.

Final Fantasy 9

You really like high fantasy. All of the interesting and unique settings that have and continue to grace the Final Fantasy series are fine, but a land full of knights and castles is where it really is.

You can probably recite the majority of lines from The Lord of the Rings series and have a thorough knowledge of The Silmarillion. Final Fantasy keeping things as simple as possible is best for you, as a cunning thief, reliable princess, and grand evil is all you need to have fun.

Final Fantasy 14

You like things to be as complicated as possible. Standard Final Fantasy is just too easy, so you need a version of it that can throw seemingly endless variables at you every time you play it. A massive world to explore, characters to customize, and friends to make are all important.

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You might experience an incredible narrative from the rest of the series, but instead you’d rather create your own adventure and feel like a character in the world. Why control every aspect of the conflict, when you can’t control any of it, and yell when others don’t do exactly what you needed?

Final Fantasy 7

You like having your heart broken. You know what awaits you every time you start the game and you keep playing it. You know what’s probably going to happen as the remake continues to release, but you’ll still be playing it.

You don’t need anyone to come into your life and hurt you emotionally, because Final Fantasy 7 can do that for you. Best of all, Final Fantasy 7 has prepared you for the heartbreak that often happens in the world. “That’s awesome” you choke, as you wipe away your tears after another heartbreaking moment.

Final Fantasy 13

You are a contrarian. Someone might tell you they like one of your favorite things, and suddenly you’ll hate that thing just to spice things up a bit.

Expansive open worlds with tight combat mechanics? Certainly not! You will take all the possible corridors and a classic combat system that favors automatic combat most of the time. Final Fantasy 13 will always be your absolute favorite game in the iconic series until people start to realize that most gamers have been unfair with the title for years and then you’ll drop it.

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