Wicklow Village Goes ‘Disney Crazy’ As It Turns Into A Fantasy Film For A New Movie



The sequel to the 2007 Disney film Enchanted, Disenchanted will be filming in Enniskerry in the coming months, and the film’s production crew have transformed the tiny village of Wicklow into a Disney scene straight out of Hollywood.

The village continues to be made fit for a princess, the buildings are covered with flowers, lights and some have even received a new coat of pink paint.

Bray West advisor Melanie Corrigan said “the whole place has gone Disney crazy!”

Wicklow has actually been the backdrop for many Hollywood movies and big budget shows over the years with movies such as Braveheart, My Left Foot and PS, I Love You all having scenes shot in the county.

Disenchanted will see the original Enchanted cast, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, in the quaint Enniskerry for the production.

Adams has even worked in the village before when she filmed The Leap Year in 2009.

The owner of Café Poppies in Enniskerry spoke to Newstalk’s Lunchtime Live earlier this month about the opportunity to brew the Hollywood star’s coffee while she worked on the film: “I made her cappuccinos. Maybe I’ll make him another cappuccino this time.

Poppy café in the village square of Enniskerry

Corrigan said that “we are no strangers to filmmaking in our beautiful village of Enniskerry, but it is on a whole new scale, the whole area has been turned into a Disney village”.

Corrigan is a member of the Wicklow Tourist Board and says “the long term benefits to the village will be enormous”.

“This will increase the number of visitors that we will see throughout the county,” she explained, “we are already seeing a huge increase in the number of visitors coming to see the complex being built.”

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