Willow Smith Receives Backlash Over Portrayal Of Muslims In New ‘Black Shield Maiden’ Fantasy Book


Willow Smith Receives Backlash Over Portrayal Of Muslims In New ‘Black Shield Maiden’ Fantasy Book

The Muslim community is not happy At Willow Smith’s next fantasy novel.

After the release of an excerpt from the forthcoming fiction book “Black Shield Maiden”, the co-author Willow Smith received backlash from members of the Muslim community upset by the savage depiction of Muslim people in the books.

Earlier this week, publishing house Penguin, which is expected to publish at willow The book co-authored on October 4 this year, released a short synopsis and excerpt from the fantasy novel Ghana x Vikings.

One of the excerpts says:

“Amazighs are dangerous at their best. They have little respect for anyone who doesn’t worship the Muslim god – and even their own tribes are always at war with each other.

Soon after, social media users were quick to take issue with the depiction in the books of the “savage” Amazigh people, who are historically known as descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa. In the novel, they practice the Muslim faith and are written as worshipers of Allah.

Once the conversation around Muslim representation began, the other novels co-authored Jesse Hendel offered some clarification on the excerpt. Stating that the purpose of the novels is to address topics such as the long misrepresentation of Amazigh and other Islamic peoples, and to open the reader’s eyes to the issues that upset fans were talking about.

The book follows a young African warrior who has been stolen from her home and brought to the world of the Vikings, where she meets a princess.

willow nor has the book publishing company made any public comments about it.


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