World War II fantasy movie starring Mickey Rourke cleared to film during COVID-19


Most major film and TV show productions have been closed due to COVID-19, but not all. The WWII fantasy horror film starring Mickey Rourke, Warhunt, was filming when the blockages started, and he was in a unique position to be able to complete production.

According to Variety, production was allowed to continue on Warhunt, which was filming in Riga, Latvia, with members of the crew wearing masks and gloves. Additionally, production staff had their temperature taken twice a day, while practicing social distancing and using disinfectant on their equipment, in accordance with local guidelines.

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Each actor had their own makeup bag, so makeup artists only used brushes and other equipment on one actor. In addition, makeup artists wore face masks.

Director Mauro Borrelli said it was a “surreal” experience to film Warhunt with the COVID-19 guidelines in place. He noted that the cast and crew responded positively and ended up filming in a “more focused and efficient” manner.

Rourke told Variety: “I came to Riga for work and this thing (COVID-19) was so out of control, but everyone was so great.”

Due to the pandemic, filmmakers brought forward Rourke’s filming dates and the actor was able to travel to town early to film his scenes ahead of the previous schedule.

Warhunt follows a group of American soldiers during WWII who find themselves trapped in the German Black Forest where they encounter witches.

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