Xbox-exclusive fantasy game rumored to be from developer Hitman


Rumor has it that developer Hitman IO Interactive is working on a brand new fantasy IP with dragons in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios.

IO Interactive, developer of Hitman series, is apparently prototyping an exclusive fantasy game for Xbox game studios, if we are to believe the new rumors. This surprises many, because the developer is already working on the next James Bond game. Project 007, which presumably takes up a great deal of its time and resources. However, recent extensions may allow simultaneous work on multiple AAA projects.

According to job postings, the Hitman developer is also making a multiplayer game, but it’s unclear if this unannounced title is related to this fantastic IP rumor. IO Interactive has made exclusively Hitman games for the latest generation of consoles, so it’s no surprise that the studio looks set to branch out. The studio’s styling seems to suit Bond perfectly, but it’s unclear if Project 007 Looks like Hitman or if IO is willing to try out different mechanics and game settings entirely.

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As reported by Windows Central, rumor has it that IO Interactive is prototyping a fantastic new IP with dragons as an Xbox exclusive game. The outlet noted that given the allegedly early state of the deal, the premise, setting, and more of the game are subject to change, if not ultimately scrapped. Nevertheless, it is likely Project 007 will be released long before this unannounced game.

Due to the reported infancy of the project and the recent IO scale-up, there really isn’t any frame of reference for this game’s release. It seems clear that IO Interactive wants to give Hitman franchise a well-deserved break, so it’s entirely possible for the studio to experiment with unknown intellectual property like Bond and a whole new series. Not only would this allow the team to be a little more creative than is generally allowed, but it will also increase the demand and hype for a return to life. Hitman franchise should IO do a solid job of maintaining its other franchises.

IO stressed that it would fall to Hitman finally, especially after Hitman 3 recorded record sales for the series. Either way, it’s a long time from now until then. It’s not at all clear what this new IP address will look like beyond the fact that it apparently has dragons, but if it has a multiplayer mode, there might be a chance that IO is trying to make some sort. service game live in a fantasy world. IO is growing and a huge partner as Xbox could provide money and other forms of support, so it is likely that the scale of such a game is quite large.

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Source: Windows Central

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